Alexis Knapp Nude Scene From “The Anomaly” Enhanced In 4K

Alexis Knapp nude

The video below features Alexis Knapp’s nude scene from the film “The Anomaly” brightened and enhanced in ultra high definition.

As you can see from this nude scene, there is certainly no denying that Alexis Knapp is one of the most talented actresses in heathen Hollywood. Of course she is criminally underappreciated by the hopelessly homoqueer infidel masses, so she does not land the roles that she deserves.

Alexis Knapp sexy

For Alexis is clearly skilled in her craft, and could play characters as diverse as a naked slut, a naked whore, or even a naked whore with an English accent… Provided of course that her lines were limited to saying “cheers” and “put it in my arse you wanker”.

Author: 17chan