Milky Boobs Monday of the Day

Milky Tits Monday… mot the most wonderful day of the week, but it’s something…something that confuses me, that I don’t really understand, but maybe I haven’t had the deliciousness of breast milk and seeing breasts in their intended purpose of feeding the kids, it takes away the hotness of said breast….it’s just too functional…and involves babies…what a fucking downer…when I’m more than happy to just sexualize tits that aren’t serving their milk filled purpose..

I do not understand the men who are turned on by the milk filled tits, maybe they are hungry, maybe the hormones in the tit milk is addictive, they do say cow milk sets off the same receptors as heroin, hence the cheese loving nerds out there…

I do understand why girls with milk filled tits are showing off their tits, it’s nature’s squirtable implant, nothing but fun…plus they get off when their babies suck on their tits like a bunch of fucking perverts….not to mention dudes will sexualize anything titty, so from feedback from their husbands finally excited to have tits in their life after castrating themselves at the marriage alter, the swollen and engorged productive tit is like a whole new tit they can get off to….which makes wife think her milk filled tits are hot and thus something needed to document before they dry up…

This is a round up of tits before they dry up and I am not really sure how I feel about it, but I know I don’t like it.

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