Sydney Sweeney Bikini of the Day

Euphoria made an executive decision to not feature their hottest contestant in their weird COVID two episode edition of their show….but instead went the tranny angle …despite having been the catalyst for Sydney Sweeney’s tits to reach the mainstream pop culture analysts…she’s outgrown that Euphoria silliness and is onto bigger and better things for herself and her tits…including this brand deal for her social media where you know girl is getting seriously fucking paid.

Now I don’t think Sweeney is the best actress, but she’s got a great body and she’s been in some legitimate projects, so I feel she’s more important that other big tits on a tight frame of instagram…

I typically defend influencers over mainstream celebrities, because I think it is hilarious that they’ve been able to basically find huge money and audience on their own using social media…while mainstream hollywood had dicks in their asses letting it happen….

Instead of creating their own HOLLYWOOD version of INSTAGRAM to cash in on, they decided to ignore instagram, barely use instagram, until it became the norm….without it you don’t exist…I know because I don’t use it and I don’t exist..but I support the independent….the self starter…the influencer….no matter how lame they are….


It makes me laugh to see the PAUL brothers fighting legit athletes….it makes me laugh that Hollywood is scrambling and giving Bella Thorne and other popular on social as many jobs as they can cuz they want the views…and I don’t care if a TikTok star headlines a shit movie…yes TikTok is garbage…but people like it…and these people won at it…so pay them…or suck up to them because they are better at it than you…HOWEVER it’s not that hard to be good at social media…so now that Hollywood’s figured it out, they are building up what I am sure they think is rightfully theirs because they are famous….and I am all for it, more slutty content for us…


In thinking influencers are great because they devalue the mainstream, it’s tiring to only see influencers win, and Sweeney managed to pull through the mainstream and exist because of her mainstream work….only to turn to IG to show how easy it is…at least when built like this…she’s built the way you’d want things to be built…


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