Bella Hadid’s Unbuttoned Shirt of the Day

Bella Hadid is doing this slutty shit for Marc Jacobs and in the comments on her instagram Marc Jacobs wrote something. like “I Love You”…and I thought, damn, these people just suck each other’s dicks as they rise to the top of relevance together….all while being vapid self serving cunts….Marc Jacobs only loves Bella Hadid because she’s the top model and he’s paying her a ton to be in his campaign instead of casting some unknown actual hot girl…because he knows if he uses an “AVON LADY” sales agent model who has influence…he can basically buy cred and at least make money back on the campaign….where an unknown hot model wouldn’t drive sales so why bother…it’s a CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME….CAPITALIZE CAPITALIZE CAPITALIZE era of disgusting ….where nothing good is being created, no substance, no elevation of the species…just pure shit for everyone….because money grubbing cunts run the show.

It’s too bad, but I guess Marc Jacobs is just happy he isn’t dying of AIDS…or that AIDS isn’t a death sentence….because it allows him to live longer and spend more money on useless shit like Bella Hadid cuz she’s trending..

The conversations amongst these people is “I love you, No I love you, No I love you, no I’ve always been a fan, no you’re a legend, you’re a legend, let’s have more champagne”…

Vapid fucking trash…gross fucking people but Bella Hadid is legit gross…look at her face and remember this is after all the surgeries and procedures she’s had do to try to be hot…because being hot is that important to her because she grew up ugly.. Fucking loser can’t be hot organically, needs financial backing to be hot, fucking loser…

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