Bella Thorne Bra of the Day

Bella Thorne in Lingerie of the Day

Bella Thorne may be a shameless unapologetic attention seeker who was raised within the industry by a mother who sold her out to the hollywood industry because being white trash florida, it was a better option than stripping…..

It’s a you can take the girl out of florida strip clubs but you can’t take the florida stripclub out of the girl…but at the same time she’s not actually doing anything innovative, she’s just the loudest voice in the room….

Meaning, as a Disney kid, she’s been media trained, she understands content, delivery, celebrity, etc….but more importantly, she knows how to monetize.

She’s just mirroring what is going on in society, like Miley did before her, being edgy, half naked, into fucking, into porn, into weed…all the shit people are into…and since she’s got that big fan base…people pay attention, she gets paid…relevance…it’s a hell of a drug…

Now we’ve seen her evolve into this SFW ONLY fans girl, who isn’t fisting herself yet, because she doesn’t want to push things too hard that the mainstream industry that pays her drop her…

You see, the mainstream has always been what the sex working porn chicks coveted, but could never break into…while the mainstream is now doing the porn thing, just not too porny, cuz it needs to be mainstream….

She’s cashing in, having a good time getting rich, giving us half naked content that looks like it potentially smells…..

I don’t find her hot, but she’s a HOT ticket item and has all the things that would make a girl hot…so I endorse her efforts to make the world a sluttier place….because know her mirroring society pushes all the girls on the fence of going down that premium content selling nude route make the jump…

What they don’t realize is that they won’t make money doing it if everyone else is doing it, so the nudes will eventually be FREE again…and in Bella’s case…the nudes won’t happen cuz she doesn’t get legit naked on her premium content channels…it’s a cash grab. Clout…manipulation tactics…she’s Disney trained mothercuckers…and she’s getting paid.


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