January Jones Desperate in a Bra of the Day

January Jones Bra Panties

I support self aware attention seekers…even if self awareness tends to be pretty fucking annoying, it’s an angle.

So January Jones, who I think is overrated trash saying her half naked pic in her bikini or middle-aged woman bra and panty set calling herself out for being desperate like we don’t know the story of how she got knocked up by her ex boyfriend Jason Sudeikis to trap him….and sure I am sure is also an asshole and I have no idea if he’s involved with the kid but he’s likely paid this one off a few times over because that’s what knocking up a woman does to you…it costs fucking money…

I guess what it comes down to is wondering who the the busty model turned “actor” sucked off in Hollywood, because you know there was a time she had to ladder climb, before securing that Mad Men Money….and I guess that child support money….assuming she gets paid out…which I do…

Anyway, as January Jones says…some desperation for likes and follows because that’s how you matter on social media…in this world of everything revolving around social media…and I for one prefer her half naked to clothed…so I’ll encourage her to continue down this slippery slope that oftentimes ends up with premium content set selling dildo videos….FUN….you see desperation has no where to go but MORE desperate because desperation starts, works, then people get bored and want more hardcore desperation…which makes me think we may see January Jones butthole in 2021, not because she needs the money, but because she likes being seen…she’s an actor..they live for attention…it’s their job….

January Jones Bra Panties


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