Diane Lane Nude Scenes From “Unfaithful” Remastered And Enhanced

Diane Lane nude

The video below features actress Diane Lane nude sex scenes from the 2002 film “Unfaithful” remastered and enhanced in high definition.

In this film Diane Lane plays your typical infidel housewife who goes out and cheats on her husband with a guy she meets in a supermarket produce aisle who asks her if the melons are firm.

As we all know this sort of salacious behavior is extremely common in the Western world, as it is estimated that 75% of married women are currently cheating on their spouse (and with the influx of virile Muslim men that number is sure to keep rising). Of course the cuckolded infidel men have no one but themselves to blame for this, as they allow their women to roam free… For when you leave the barn door open at night you can’t expect your goats to stay in their pens.

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