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Alexandra Daddario in a Bikini of the Day

Alexandra Daddario is out here in a bikini, giving the fans who hate masks a giant fuck you as she wears her mask in the middle of fucking nature like some kind of perverted sick fuck, since there are no people around, this ain’t a Vegas pool party or some shit….not that the virus is even that real, I still don’t know anyone with it and those who have had it said it was a sore throat for a day, like a very mild cold you sleep off, not to mention I left the house and saw everyone up on each other like they gave up on social distancing when the protests happened and the COVID cases went down…SO PECULIAR…not that I am against masks…I fucking love masks for their ability to keep our faces off that image recognition surveillance camera shit.

Point being, some people may also realize that they look better in masks, so there’s that!

Now Alexandra Daddario, probably not the most hyped content from the weekend, but she’s in a bikini and despite having seen her tits in True Detective, making her bathing suit obsolete, or maybe just an obstacle getting in the way of showing off her big tits, and what it comes down to is at least she’s skinny..

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Alexandra Daddario Fitness Tits of the Day

Alexandra Daddario TIts Fitness

I am not an Alexandra Daddario groupie…I don’t give a fuck about her big tits in the True Detective, when she went viral, because as it turns out celebrity women only go viral when they show their tits in movies, just ask Margot Robbie.

Point being, all these self involved cunts living in their big mansions thanks to offering the world basically NOTHING of value, because entertainment has been over-inflated for fucking ever, and none of these people deserve what they have because they are dancing monkeys on camera.

Her tits aren’t worthy of the success she’s had, that’s a flaw in the American system….so I sit here watching the home workouts as they try to keep relevant, busy and connected with fans…but I’m hoping for all their existences to go down with the fucking ship.

Fuck these assholes and the piles of money they are sitting on while real Americans are starving.


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