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Alexandra Sollima Human Pretzel Nudes of the Day

This model is named ALEXANDRA and she is in this pretty wild, even aggressive nude shoot for instagram. Not that it is for instagram specifically, but I like to call them “instagram” shoots to help take the models viral. Only this one happens to be more extreme than the next. I guess that’s how you get noticed when every girl is doing the same tactics of getting seen.

I feel like this performance is her giving the photographer an impression of being a Gynecologist’s patient. some commentary on toxic masculinity, vagina shaming, who fucking knows how they intellectualize their smut, as to pretend it isn’t smut, as they walk that fine line of art and fashion nudity, with straight up sex worker nudity, when it’s clearly just sex work nudity, but they out the good parts so it’s not full on porn?

If anything, that’s the most offensive part of all this, like if you’re going to do some celebrate the spread labia, no labia shaming, then go all the way…but I guess that would defeat the purpose and officially slot her in the category she probably doesn’t want to be slotted in, because if she did, we’d all be checking out the remnants of where the hymen once was.

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