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Alicia Silverstone’s Fat Booty of the Day

This one goes out to all the Clueless fans who jacked off to Clueless because it came out before there was really access to internet porn…the mainstream broadband companies didn’t want you having access until they found the best way to track and document your every move…and that took time…but they distracted you with movies during that time which made masturbating far less challenging now that you’ve been exposed to so much insanity, that you can’t even get your dick to work….you know there was a time when cleavage was enough, or a hard nipple in a t-shirt enough….now you’re spending hours a day trying to find that one video clip that gets you…and clueless in 1995 was the movie before the internet took over in about 1996.

Either way…she’s wearing sweatpants like a chubby instagram influencer rocking a huge fat ass like she’s a Kardashian or Jenner or chubby instagram influencers…because this is what the evolution of ass has become…and I don’t really mind it…even though she’s about 100 fucking years old.

What I do mind is the gut though, like what is that, is she pregnant or just lazy and into eating everything because she knows she’s expired so why bother…

I guess what we’ve learned here today is that a fat ass is only as good as it’s front.

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