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Throwback Amanda Seyfried Pussy Flash of the Day

Amanda Seyfried

I came across this picutre of a possible Amanda Seyfried pussy flash. I figure it’s old and if it happened, I’ve definitely posted it. I mean my entire fucking existence on the internet since 2004 has been posting celebrity slip ups, or pussy slips…but being old, drunk, and possibly in the early stages of dementia or alzheimers, I really don’t remember shit, this pussy flash and possible asshole flash is new to me.

I always liked Amanda Seyfried, I found it funny when she replaced Lindsay Lohan in all the roles Lohan had lined up before she fully lost her fucking mind, it’s snake shit like that that I think is funny. Not to mention they were in Mean Girls together, a movie I still have never seen because I’m not a fan of scar face, but that I know exists….and made for some catfight rivalry…..which isn’t really why I liked her, I liked that she had nice size tits for her body and that she would do one bullshit Disney level movie and one racier where she got naked movie in the same year…giving us two version of her…the naked one the better version…the safe Disney friendly one the money making version…

So seeing her pussy, which is an innie pussy or what they call a SIMP because it looks like Homer’s Mouth…is exciting, even if it’s photoshopped, a deep fake, or whatever because the nice thing about the internet is that we can believe whatever the fuck we want to believe is real…and I’m believing this.


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