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Amber Heard Intimate Topless Sexy Leaks

Amber Heard got famous acting in films like Never Back Down, Aquaman, Pineapple Express, etc. She also starred in Hidden Palms series on The CW. Aside from that, she got lots of media attention when divorcing Johnny Depp.

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Amber Heard is a Texas-born actress and model. She began her career on the local catwalk and teenage series and TV shows. She had big parts with Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage, and the main role in Aquaman.

Amber was once married to Johnny Depp, but they separated scandalously with the accusation of home abuse on both sides. She supports victims of home and sexual violence. 

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Topless Amber Heard pictures from Interview Magazine and Saint Laurent (September 2019). Photography by Matt Welch. This blonde Texan bitch will eat you alive unless you enjoy the pics.

Amber Heard Opens Up About Her First Anal Sex Experience

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In the video below, actress Amber Heard appears to describe in graphic detail the first time she experienced anal sex while auditioning for a role in one of her early films.

Of course it comes as no surprise that Amber Heard got poked in the poop chute during a casting call, for based on the depraved roles she has played during her career it certainly seemed like a good sphincter stretching was in order to make sure that she was whore enough for the job.

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With that said, us pious Muslims actually have a lot more respect for Amber Heard than most of the other heathen Hollywood harlots, for she has always been so raw and real about what a crazy degenerate slut she is (as you can see from the topless photo above that she recently briefly posted to Instagram). Add to that the fact that she severed off flaming homofag actor Johnny Depp’s finger during an argument, and she has certainly earned the right to be stoned last when the great Islamic purge comes to America.