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Ana De Armas Titty Pop of the Day

Ana De Armas Titty Pop

Ana De Armas is the Cuban refugee, who unlike Elian Gonzalez was able to stay in America, beuse instead of floating in on a raft, she managed to marry some dude from Spain and get out of Communism the European way. That’s where she launched her acting career that has evolved to include babysitting Ben Affleck…

That’s not to see they aren’t in love, but opportunist actors typically have no souls or really no identity, so I doubt she can love anything but herself…but I am sure she plays the communist on rationed toilet paper who eats Russian ketchup on her fries to feel like home….even when she’s pumping gas into her expensive car now that she lives that expensive American life…

I have no idea whether her management forced her to date Affleck to increase her profile in America, or if his team recruited her, and I really don’t care, all these idiots, despite their money and success are trash, uninspiring trash who do the bare minimum creatively to cash in.

I do know that her tit is hanging out of her picnic blanket / tablecloth checker print bathing suit, and that’s alright, but I prefer her tit from HER RECENt NetFLIX SEX SCENE …because a tit without a nipple is just a cancer survivor…or something…

Ana De Armas Titty Pop
Ana De Armas Titty Pop

Ana De Armas Sexy
Ana De Armas Sexy
Ana De Armas Sexy
Ana De Armas Sexy


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Ana De Armas Holding Dog Shit of the Day

I am not referring to Ben Affleck as the dog shit in this series of staged paparazzi pics that these two “love birds” do during quarantine for the paparazzi that are conveniently waiting to capture them on their “walks”…despite being famous and capable of hiring dog walkers, if anything hiring dog walkers would be the RIGHT thing to do for your dogs to keep those GIG workers afloat rather than let them starve to death all because you need an excuse to get seen by the paparazzi….

There are rumors she’s his handler, this is clearly by design…the crackhead drunk celebrity and the up and comer a seemingly match made in heaven…where he can take her under his wing and show her the ropes…but we remember a time when the paparazzi didn’t follow Affleck around EVERY fucking day, we’d go months with no AFFLECK images…even when he was with GARNER…because the paparazzi only surface when they are asked to.

They must have the same agents, there’s more to this story, this is the guy who was brought up by Weinstein…so whatever damage control is going on…it’s going one here….

I guess when you’re famous, staged romance is really all your romances since no one is there for you, they are there for the IDEA of you…and when you’re Ana De Armas, a cuban trying to exist in Capitalism, you’ve likely done far worse than fuck someone like Ben Affleck to get to this point in your life where you’re not working at a Cuban resort cleaning hotel rooms…like CUBANS are typically supposed to…


Here’s her ass in some Khakis….without the old pervert drunken dead weight…


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Ana de Armas in Tight Pants Working as Ben Affleck’s Handler of the Day

Ana de Armas is clearly a hired handler for Affleck. I don’t know who coordinated this, but it could be Oprah, or Ellen, or maybe it was Tom Hanks….who they are saying is in jail because of being a PEDO and not actually COVID-19ed. The internet is a magical place, where they call out all these conspiracies, but always miss the ones that are actually happening, to fuck over our useless existence as the plebs that we are.

Point being, there’s no way Ana de Armas, some Cuban born, escaped communism through marriage to a Spanish actor, moved to America after divorcing her exit pass from Cuba, only to get cast in a series of movies as a new it-girl, when actual actors in America with agents can’t seem to pull that off…suspicious….and now all of a sudden at his point of her career, which is at an all time high, she decides to date Affleck…get the fuck out of here….

There’s no girl, communist or not, actively dating Affleck, especially when she’s got a pile of money, while knowing how to live off 5 cents of rationed bread a day….actively seeking Affleck, a drunk with a bunch of kids…he’s just not that cool, or interesting, or relevant…sure he’s rich and Affleck…but bitch could have whatever connected dick she wants in her.

She’s clearly being paid for this….you know since his last girlfriend was a legit hooker pretending to be a playboy model…

Romance….to promote movies and careers. Disgusting humans.

Not to mention, obviously a PR thing, for both of them, or just him, since he’s paying her….because we haven’t seen Affleck in paparazzi pics basically ever…now all of a sudden, during a quarantine, he’s out holding hands with a bitch daily….fuck Hollywood and their lies….and their liars that spew those lies…


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