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Anastasia Ashley Fitness Erotica of the Day

Anastasia Ashley brings the COVID QUARANTINE GOOD TIMES to all you perverts into stay at home wives like the misogynists you are….with your “clean my house and make me a damn sandwich” approach to relationships that are in no way the only reason you haven’t had sex in 10 years…but part of the problem as you sit there in your mess, stale semen drying on old tshirts and shit stained underwear because you’ve given up on life…a “clean my house and make me a damn sandwich” is a far cry from ever happening…which is what makes it that much more of a fantasy..

I for one feel that cleaning is women’s work, especially when done in skimpy bathing suits, it’s really the whole foundation of naked maid services….and mail order Russian brides….

So as much as we like seeing Anastasia Ashley surfing, or dancing at events, or just living a better life than you on the beach with her ass out…this is a good old fashioned cleaning lady doing cleaning aeorbics in a best of what house wives do….at least this is what I like to think housewives do…knowing they likely just sit around eating and complaining about how hard their life is while dad is at work supporting the damn family.

Either way, I’ll watch bitches work out anytime….the less clothes the better…while staying true to the Call on Me video….good fucking job…


Inspired by all the live workouts ##fyp

? Call on Me – Radio Mix – Eric Prydz


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