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Andrew Kuykendall’s Hot Photo Round Up of the Day

My claim to fame was hooking this photographer Andrew Kykendall up with a porn star to collaborate on some photos…never to hear from either of them again. I’m a connector, left in the dark connector and that’s ok….thanks to being irrelevant.

I came across this gallery of his photos and liked them, so I figured I’d promote his work for all you perverts who are into girls that are hotter than any girls you’d ever talk to being in various states of naked…..

Seeing as naked girls is something you’d never get to see, being the loser you are, except if you accidentally ran into them while doing some Eagle Scouts mapping exercises in the wonderful nature setting they are in….

Seeing as all the instagram shoots have dwindled, all the perverts have become less racy in their content because they are pussies who don’t believe in themselves but instead fear being cancelled…it’s nice to see a photographer take hot pics, suck on feet, and strip down girls the way NATURE intended…because in case you were wondering…nature didn’t event clothing…humans did because we are idiots.

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