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Ariana Grande Blowjob Sex Tape Video

The video above appears to feature pop star Ariana Grande in a blowjob sex tape.

Of course Ariana Grande has long been known in the music industry for her “oral talents”, and anyone who has heard her music knows that could not possibly be referring to her singing… Besides just look at all of the times Ariana has proudly paraded cum on her slutty face in the gallery below.


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Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande

Yes, clearly Ariana is one cock sucking obsessed cum queen…

Ariana Grande tongue

But if she is to have any hope of having her tonsils bruised by a massive Muslim manhood and belly filled with his potent baby batter, then she better stop panting like a dog and schedule one of her famous “explosive” performances in Tel Aviv.

Ariana Grande’s Plump Ass And Porn Music Video For Christmas

Ariana Grande Christmas ass

Ariana Grande flaunts her pleasantly plump ass while dressed as Santa’s little slut in the photos above.

Not only is Ariana packing on the pounds this Christmas season, but she also appears to be taking her depravity to the next level by releasing a porn music video version to her hit holiday song “Santa Tell Me” in the video above.

Of course Ariana has long used the holy Christian holiday of Christmas, as a platform for her brazen degeneracy… And with Christians lacking the moral fortitude to do anything about it, she will no doubt continue to defile the celebration of the birth of the pathetically meek Jew God Jesus for years to come.

Ariana Grande nude topless

Yes, you better believe that if Ariana so much as hinted at making a mockery of Ramadan us righteous Muslims would bring down upon her the fire and fury of a thousand suns… But of course Ariana would never dare cross that line, for she knows firsthand what us brave jihadist warriors are capable of.

Ariana Grande Tries Out Some New Sex Positions

Pop star Ariana Grande appears to try out some new sex positions in the graphic sex tape video above.

As we all know, Ariana Grande has long been a devotee of the “doggy style” (also known as “camel style” in the civilized Islamic world) sex position, as she spends a good deal of her time on her hands and knees.

Of course Ariana’s penchant for doggy style sex no doubt originated back when she use to get her sin hole slammed by savage Sub-Saharan rappers. For the dirt skins are known to have a strong preference for the position, as it affords them the opportunity to rifle through the woman’s purse for cash and menthol cigarettes.

Ariana Grande nude

Unfortunately different sex positions don’t appear to be the only thing new with Ariana, as she is set to make her nude calendar debut in 2020… And according to sources who have seen a preliminary copy, the May photo will feature Ariana’s herpes sore riddled snatch.

Ariana Grande Nipple Slips Out In Concert

Ariana Grande nipple slip

Pop star Ariana Grande slips out her funny looking nipple while performing live in the video clip below.

Ariana exposing her mutilated tit topper like this is certainly the worst thing that has ever happened at one of her concert… Speaking of mangled flesh, what the hell is with Ariana’s areola? Did she forget to pay her plastic surgeon to put her nipple back on? Or did one of those nig nogs she lays with pawn it to get new rims for his 2002 Chevy Impala.

Ariana Grande tongue

Regardless of the cause, one thing is for certain… Ariana should stick to perfecting her blowjob queen schoolgirl look and flaunting her tight little ass during her live shows, and leave the brazen boob stuff to more suitable sluts.

Ariana Grande’s Nude Sex Shows Are Out of Hand

Ariana Grande nude

As you can see by the way that she proudly parades around her rock hard nipple pokies while performing in the video below, Ariana Grande’s live sex shows have always been a deplorably depraved sight to behold. However based on the nude photos above, Ariana appears to have taken her salacious onstage sluttery to the next level.

Yes Ariana’s concertgoers appear to be getting closeup views of her cunt, as she prances around squawking into her large black phallic shaped microphone.

Ariana Grande cum facial

Of course Ariana’s backstage meet and greets with fans don’t appear to be much better, as she certainly puts her own personal touch to the interactions.

Ariana Grande naked

In the end Ariana producing her pussy in concert was inevitable, for as you can see from the naked outtakes above from various photo shoots, she is most comfortable with her cooter out flapping in the breeze.

Ariana Grande Pantyhose Photo Shoot

Ariana Grande pantyhose tights

Ariana Grande takes her brand of understated sluttery to the next level by flaunting her legs in sheer pantyhose in the photo shoot below.


Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande

Despite being a tremendous whore who has no doubt been repeatedly deep dicked by ashy AIDS riddled black rapper dongs, Ariana Grande normally keeps her photos PG. However these pantyhose pics are clearly PG-13, and may be a sign that Ariana is going to be more open about her degenerate nature in the future.

If true then Ariana must be dragged into Sharia court and stoned sooner rather than later. For us Muslims have been extremely forgiving towards Ariana in the past due to her donut licking hatred of America, but if she continues down this depraved path we can no longer grant her a pass from holy Islamic justice.