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Arianny Celeste Ready to Drop Fetish Pics of the Day

I remember the first time I picked up a pregnant chick porno back in the late 80s at my favorite magazine stand….it was called Ready to Drop and in a lot of ways it has stuck with me for my entire life…not because I liked the dilated cervixes or the water breaking level of pregnancy these desperate models who clearly were in DIRE need to get money to fund their kid’s college education, unless it was for crack…the late 80s was a simpler time for sex work, when the sex workers were all degenerate bottom feeding desparate fucks…rather than middle class girls looking for followers….it wasn’t mainstream…

It stuck with me because it meant pervert dudes were into pregnant chicks spreading their pregnant cunts while lactacting from their big pregnant nipples….repulsive really…at least to someone who finds pregnancy totally alien and confusing despite it keeping our species alive…I just think babies growing inside humans is unnatural…even if it is natural…I can’t relate…

So who are the pregnant fetishists? Why are they into that? Is it because they are so fucking lonely they crave knocking a bitch up and going through that husband of a pregnant chick fucking his baby’s face everytime he fucks his wife struggle…or were they just so perverted that they fell into this “new” and exciting kind of pussy….seeing a woman being her most womanly…how could that not be sensual….to anyone without a brain who sees a HUGE fucking Basketball gut hanging out….which is appropriate since Celeste’s baby daddy is a basketball player:

Here is her tribute to her baby / her announcement that she gave to US WEEKLY…milk it…like you milk that BBALL dick with that UFC Vegas Show Girl Pussy yo.

Dear Baby,

I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life! I promise to teach you about the beauty of the world and to love with no restrictions or division. In turn, you have already taught me so much about kindness, empathy, and faith. Through all of this chaos, you have helped me to stay strong and grounded. You are already loved soooooo much!! I can’t wait to meet you my baby!


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