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Ashley James Fat Ass of the Day

Ashley James Ass Nude

Ashley James is bringing the Fat during COVID crisis, so fat that I can’t fit in my jeans anymore, so look at my fat ass struggling to get into my jeans, whilst in a thong…to show off my booty struggles by trying to pretend it’s an inspiring and empowering moment….

If you package the fact that you bought pants three sizes too small as if they are your regular sized pants, when really it is just an excuse for you to post up a picture of your fat ass unable to fit in your pants, to tell some story of “we’re all getting fat in quarantine’ embrace it….then you may be a low hanging fruit cunt like Ashley James.

I still don’t know who Ashley James is, but I am going to go out on a limb here and assume she’s some whore out for attention by being slutty…that was on Reality TV, that uses any chance she has to get spotted or seen, and who can pretend to be an influencer to disguise her attention seeking…with shit like that.

I’m not complaining, I always like booty struggle pics, even if they aren’t authentic….because I’ve accepted that everything is staged bullshit for attention.

Ashley James Ass Nude Fat Ass

Ashley James Bikini
Ashley James Bikini


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