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Ashley Tisdale’s Shit Body on TikTok of the Day

Ashley Tisdale is some fuckign Disney Owned Puppet that they manipulated the media into thinking was some kind of “Hot Chick” despite botched plastic surgery and basically not being a hot chick, but at least at the time that she was trending for being a hot chick, she was about 10 years younger and spent her days working out or starving herself out or whatever, so there was a little tone to her skinny body, now she’s just a slim fat, not to be confused with SLIM FAST, the drink the SLIM FATS should drink when trying to lean up…

Well, she still exists because she hasn’t killed herself, at least not yet and why would she, part of the disney brainwashing is to think you’re on the happiest place on earth just being alive…so instead she’s turned to the CHINESE SPYWARE app to grace our lives with this HUMILIATING video of her in a bikini top, little titty with a gunt doing a dance in her mid 30s like she’s a 13 year old…because that’s how being a victim of predators in Hollywood at a young age evolves…

For a trained song and dancer…this is pretty fucking medicated and awful….but BIKINI TOP AND SHORTS

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Ashley Tisdale Bikini Cleavage of the Day

Ashley TIsdale Bikini

Ashley Tisdale is one of those characters who is a point of contention on the site. I don’t actually know what a point of contention even means but I figure it means someone we argue about, not that we actually argue, I don’t care about your opinion but I get emails sent it from people mad I call her ugly, or with what they think is photo evidence of her hotness to prove me wrong.

What people don’t realize is that my baseline or benchmark or standards are pretty high for celebrities for obvious reasons. If they are going to benefit from being famous for being the hot chick, they better be the fucking hot chick. Not some average Walmart Cashier looking bitch, who as a Walmart cashier would be hot but as an actress who is as a baseline should be exceptionally hotter than the cashier at Walmart you’d be down to fuck….

My standards in actual life are more “is she an actual she and alive? Done”….

So it’s not a me thinking I deserve a hotter chick than Tisdale, it’s just me saying I see hotter chicks than Tisdale anytime I leave the damn house…and I expect more from Disney.

They could have hired ANYONE, but chose this to be their golden High School Musical babe…it just seems like we were oversold on some shit.

This is her bikini titties…

Ashley TIsdale Bikini
Ashley TIsdale Bikini
Ashley TIsdale Bikini
Ashley TIsdale Bikini


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Ashley Tisdale’s Bikini Vs Vanessa Hudgens of the Day

How about a lame clickbait game that won’t get any clicks…because that’s the kind of operation we run.

A little High School Musical who would you rather edition because these lame ideas work on all the other sites and the people who own those sites are fucking rich…give me some of that…it’s a GLobal Pandemic and I have new computers to buy thanks to fucking my other computer.

So in this showdown boys and girls and perverts….we’ve got Hudgens who is hot..

Tisdale who is not…but who you may think is hot, that confusion has been known to happen…and if you are one of the confused one who thinks she’s hot…you’re just being racist.

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Ashely Tisdale’s Shitty Bathing Suit of the Day

Ashely Tisdale is some dog shit high school musical Disney produced pile of nothing….

Over the course of her career that involved being on High School Musical…and that’s about it…she has been confused for being a hot chick.

They really marketed her as the hot one.

People really bought into that storyline because people are mindless sheep who don’t have eyes, brains or opinions of their own.

Which is too bad because it lets shit filter through the cracks, into our water and next thing you know we all have water born illness, shitting ourselves for years…in the form of Ashely Tisdale existing.

At least she got a nose job and tries to use her tits to divert from her life changing deviated septum surgery / nose job….that I guess was positioned as life changing but was really an attempt to make her less ugly.

They failed.

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Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch Continues of the Day

Ashley Tisdale Bikini Dance

As ugly as Ashley Tisdale’s face is and as unfit as her body has become now that she’s 35, she’s still worth looking at in a bikini.

I’ve been doing the Ashley Tisdale ugly watch for a while now, so I’ve conditioned myself to see nothing but ugly, this is not a locked in quarantine with a pig looking bitch situation, where eventually you decide to fuck her, because there’s nothing else around. You know, like you and your sister

This is more, if a bitch is half naked, she’s by default 10 times better than clothed….even if she’s far past her prime which at the time of her prime was into working out to compensate for her ugly face since BUTTERFACES with hot bodies have offset the BUTTER face with the hot body since the dawn of time.

Either way – TISDALE BIKINI….

Ashley Tisdale Bikini Dance


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Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch of the Day

Ashley Tisdale Bikin TIts

Some of my best times have been making fun of Ashley Tisdale, which is a testament to how pathetic my existence is.

But there was a time when making fun of her was hilarious because she was getting tons of hype in the media for being a High School Musical hottie, and she had legit pervert dude fans into Disney Kids thinking she was hot, and she even had People’s Choice and MTV awards paid off to call her hot…so anytime I’d talk about her botched nose job and laugh I’d get legit hate mail…like what the fuck has Tisdale ever done for you, why are you fighting websites no one cares about for her honor, you fucking loser….

In those years of laughing at her ugly, I always said “at least she has a bod, body is more important than face, you fuck the body and can always look away from the face, and when you fuck the face, you have a little more leniency on the face because it is letting you fuck it and you don’t expect hot girls to act like that for your broke ass…

Because for every negative, like her fucked up face, there’s a positive, like her fit body….this was back when she was 25, at 35, she’s just trash across the board, but at least she’s shamelessly showing you titty for attention. Girls need attention in these dark times you know.

Ashley Tisdale Bikin TIts
Ashley Tisdale Bikin TIts
Ashley Tisdale Bikin TIts

Here she is on TIKTOK doing some dumb dance for the Chinese Spyware company:


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Ashley Tisdale TikTok Thotting of the Day

Ashley Tisdale’s ugly watch continues….if you read the site you’ll know I’ve been cyber bullying this trash for a long fucking time. I’ve consistently said how ugly she is, both before and after her botched plastic surgery nose job, because I was mad at knowing that Disney was putting money into marketing her as a hot piece, winning her awards and positioning her in the media as hot, which was fake news, before people were aware of fake news, and I felt it was my duty to debunk.

Despite calling her face mangled mess that looked like a farm accident, I always gave her credit for being fit…because if you’re ugly, workout, a hot body can go a long way….so I am not all evil…especially not anymore because my apathy has got tha better of me…and my low standards have crossed over into my “work”….

Anyway, TikTok, the Chinese owned platform that realizes they can track all the young Americans because Americans don’t fear being tracked, they’ve had over a decade of conditioning on “Privacy Policies” while being tracked by Facebook, Google, Apple, etc….to come to terms with it….but now they are giving the LISTENING devices in their pockets to China…who can basically MIC and CAMERA every motherfucker on TikTok….CCTV aint got shit on the iphone network…

The best part of it…is that they got everyone in due to “song and dance”….it’s a song and dance app where girls dance and lip sync and bust jokes to audio clips…a fucking song and dance app….taking over…and rightfully so…I mean Instagram and Youtube fucking suck…short format clips are easy, creative, and less staged or manufactured bullshit….

So obviously, every celeb, media company, advertiser is on TikTok…growing out that audience for the next wave…turning it into the INFOMERCIAL Instagram is….so in trying to remind you that she’s a celeb…Tisdale is in a bikini doing song and dance for TikTok too…and this is what that looks like…

China…from getting rich doing all the manufacturing for the US, to owning 90 percent of US real estate, to having a trillion dollar loan out to America….you might as well change your name to WuHan already….cuz you owned.

Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini

Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini
Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini
Ashley Tisdale TikTok Dance Bikini

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