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Ashlynne Yennie Nude Sex Scenes From “Submission”

Ashlynne Yennie nude

The video below features the complete compilation of Ashlynne Yennie’s nude sex scenes from the TV series “Submission”.

The holy Qur’an is very clear that bondage is the most halal form of sex… Of course the moronic infidels manage to completely mess it up in these Ashlynn Yennie sex scenes. For true bondage doesn’t involve elaborate contraptions and nipple tweaking… No, as any red-blooded Muslim man can tell you, the best bondage sessions require just an old piece of rope and not a hint of blasphemous female sexual pleasure.

Yes, while the pathetically emasculated infidel men are tying women up and tickling their taints with ostrich feathers, us powerful Muslims are kicking in teeth and stretching holes just like the blessed Prophet (PBUH) use to do back in the day. Thus proving once again that Islamic culture is vastly superior to the West’s in every way.