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Aubrey O’Day Shitty Tattoo But Nude of the Day

Aubrey ODay Nude

I know that Aubrey O’Day is some 40 year old fat chick that you barely remember but if you think hard enough you’ll remember…because she was on some DIDDY making of the band TV show that I think was actually called Making of the Band, because I can’t remember basically anything, from conversations to sentences I am writing out mid-sentence….but I can remember Diddy’s show was probably called Making of the Band, despite never seeing it, fuck you internet for turning me into the worst version of WIKIPEDIA ever…

That said, she did Celeb Apprentice, fucked Don Jr, got fat, fucked black dudes, got fit, fucked a Jersey Shore contestant…found facetune or the iphone photoshop and thought “I’ll push my hotness on here” with the most over the top filtered shoots of her being provocative…and now she’s clearly lost her fucking mind official…all these women eventually lose their minds official…because she got a tattoo that goes up her entire fucking body, turning her into what you’d probably want to imagine your decomposing body looks like underground….a nice floral arrangement….cuz you dead….

What I am saying, any redeeming qualities this woman had in trying to be fit and hot are officially “she’s got mental fucking problems”…and we can retire Aubrey O’Day’s jersey as she goes on to do things like “Inked Magazine” and other tattoo conventions. She’s trash.

Aubrey ODay Nude


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Aubrey O’Day Corona Virus Asshole of the Day

Aubrey ODay Ass

Aubrey O’Day is a nice reminder that these bitches don’t do shit, so this self quarantine isn’t going to really phase them, the only thing that’s changed for them is that they can’t go to the gym, fancy restaurants, or smoothy place….and I guess the BOTOX clinic….so maybe we’ll be seeing a lot more body shots as the faces of influencers start to melt off. Who knows…

What I do know is that this is a great excuse for some thirsty attention seeking content. Use the Coronavirus as a theme for your ass pics, show us the bruises and make us think it’s from getting spanked while fucked by your black a black on 50 year old blonde from TV with plastic surgery fetish…but really the bruise is from fat injections into her already fat ass to give it Kardashian shape…

So the nudes are going to be heavy in the weeks to come…lots of bored whores…with cellphone cameras and asses to show off.

We’re ready for it….


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