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Bai Ling is Homeless Now of the day

Bai Ling is one of the original clickbaiters. You know those rich trashy women who ended up in LA to become famous, only had not capabilities to become famous, and despite the whole inclusivity thing, or the whole diversify Hollywood, or bring in more Asian talent to add some color to the whiteness, while giving CHINA movies they can market aggressively to their people, making Hollywood more and more rich, while making Hollywood less and less powerful…because they are just folding to China….

Now, rumor is that Bai Ling’s vagina is the source of COVID-19, it’s the BAT from the soup, but I’m sure that’s a lie…what isn’t a lie is that she’s probably experiencing racism as many asians are because we’re scared of your disease that is now a world disease and it’s racist to call a China Disease, despite where it started…in China…

She’s out in this weird publicity stunt that I guess she felt warranted her dusting off her attention seeking low hanging fruit chops for…where she stands on the side of the road shameless…with a sign like a homeless guy about Toilet Paper, COVID not being a Digestion Disease…because getting that important information out to the people is needed, and who better to do it that an Asian no one knows but who thinks she’s a celebrity….

She must be 100 fucking years old….the best 100 year old around probably….also the weirdest…probably from dementia…cuz she’s old.


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