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Today in Shower Beers of the Day

In being a misogynist, at least that is what I was labeled by the feminist media (jezebel) back in the 2000s, I am a firm believer that women shouldn’t drink beer.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a hot girl have one or two beers here and there, maybe a hot summer day by the pool or when it is appropriate…..and I allow her to have a pass on the whole “girls shouldn’t drink beer” theory I’ve held close to my heart for 30 years….because when a girl is hot, they get the pass.

BUT for the most part, girls who drink beers socially, or at home as their default drink to get drunk on, are girls who look like they drink beer…you know like they have a dick, or should have a dick, more than girls you want to fuck…..I’m talking dumpy, fat, dykey… is one of the reasons I don’t frequent Irish pubs, the girls in there LOOK like guys who drink beer…and I’m not into that….

HOWEVER, if the girl is hot enough, she gets a pass, just don’t be too into beer ladies, because as far as I’m concerned that qualifies as “identifying as a dude”…making you a tranny fuck who just needs to get back on her Testosterone treatment to complete the growing the clit out to be a bigger dick that I have – which wouldn’t be all that hard…literally…and figuratively…

These Shower Beer are Not to be Confused with Madison Beer.

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