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Lizzo Water Games of the Day

This is what American pop looks like now that Lizzo has gone viral and likely diabetic. Clearly at risk of the COVID death due to underlying complications…this MONSTER is living her best life, even if it will be a premature death of a life because look at her fucking size.

I have met people, real people, who have fat black woman fetishes…they legit hook up with the fattest black girl they can and get smothered by them. It’s a thing, a weird thing, but still a thing.

I don’t know when fat girls felt empowered or thought they were hot, but I guess when you’re too fat to get a record deal the traditional way, but you manage to go viral, you’re in a “top of the world, I fucking Rock” state of mind…eventually that will all go down hill and this Ruben Studdard bitch will be broke, forgotten…but there was a minute she was LIZZO and everyone loved her shit….her massive fucking shit…I mean imagine the quantity of food a bitch needs to eat to end up like this.


Lizzo Bikini Ass
Lizzo Bikini Ass
Lizzo Bikini Ass
Lizzo Bikini Ass

Lizzo Ass


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