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Jessica Lucas Big Black Boobs Compilation

Jessica Lucas sexy boobs

The video below features the ultimate compilation of “Gotham” and “The Murders” star Jessica Lucas’ big black boobs.

After careful and repeated examinations of the video above and photos below, I can say with complete confidence that Jessica Lucas is not a real black woman…


Jessica Lucas Jessica Lucas Jessica Lucas
Jessica Lucas Jessica Lucas Jessica Lucas

For not only does Jessica not have the wide set nose and nasty nappy head hair of a genuine nigra, but her titties do not have any niglet welfare babies swinging from them (or at the very least the stupid names of her offspring poorly tattooed over her heart).

Yes, it is clear from her titties that Jessica Lucas is actually an Indian or possibly tan Puerto Rican whore, who is masquerading as a black for the government handouts and diversity jobs in heathen Hollywood.

Olivia Holt’s Tits In A Bra

Olivia Holt cute

Former Disney star Olivia Holt shows her tits in a bra in the video clip below from her new Thanksgiving movie “Turkey Drop”.

Of course Olivia Holt stripping off her top to show some breast meat in a padded grandma bra is a big step for her, for she has been famously stingy with showing her sinful female flesh.

Olivia Holt legs

In fact, until now Olivia has really just focused on displaying her husky legs. However, now that she has graduated from thighs to cleavage, the next step is for her to give us a peek at a portion of her areola. Of course at the rate Olivia is going she will be in her late 40’s when this happens, and her nips will be swing down by her bloated navel.