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Britney Spears Weird Bikini Pic of the Day

As you may or may not know, I am pretty sure I’ve posted it here, but maybe I haven’t…all the new Britney Spears content that has popped up on social media that you know she definitely doesn’t have access to, because she doesn’t have access to pretty much anything, she’s under that crazy conservatorship that people suddenly give a shit about….even though she’s been abducted in plain site for the last 15 years…and it’s been very sad watching her cry for help as the family work her to the fucking bone to keep earning all that money she’s capable of earning…like some sort of Jon Benet who wasn’t killed by her brother….this is what stage parenting and greed becomes….and I genuinely feel bad for her, she can’t manage her own life and lives in a fucking cage, but can do world tours, produce hit songs…it’s all fucking lies..

Anyway, her instagram has been mental the last month and a half, all these bootleg, shot on a potato looking 1990s pics updated with the craziest fucking captions….all shot on the same day, you can tell by the hair and make-up…and shit is worse than when your mom or granny first found social media 10 years ago before they really got it…not that they get it now, but at least their iphone pics are better than these creepy looking scans.

Anyway one of her weird cry for help posts that she shot over a month ago, pull that meta data if you know how, is this Henna Bikini and it’s mental…the caption:

So I got carried away with henna !!!! I think I’m going for a bohemian look in the second picture …. not sure what my hands on my hips are about ???!!! I guess I’m demanding attention ??? !!!!

She’s speaking in code, not that she wrote that caption, if she had access to a phone, it’d probably be to the police, assuming she’s not too medicated and kept in a locked padded room…she definitely doesn’t have phone access….I want her next post to be proof she has access to a phone…

Either way, What the fuck is that all about? Crazy. That’s what. Save Britney.

Here’s a view of the overall profile, apparently these weird prison pics started in April, so she’s been locked up since April…I originally thought it was june…fucking weird.

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Britney Spears Human Trafficking Looking Instagram of the Day

An hour ago, Britney Spears handlers posted another picture from a “photo” series she first released of her against a white wall in what looks like some random badly lit institution, in what I’ve said looks like an Isis beheading video, but that is probably more in line with a Russian Cam Girl in a prison cell made to look like a girl’s bedroom where she’s forced to piss on command for the paying customers as their guard supervises off camera…so they don’t stray.

It’s no secret that she’s been held in captivity for the majority of her adult life because she’s a product for the family and they won’t let that get taken out when she goes out and lives her own life…so they present her as a crazy person, no one tries to save her because she’s just medicated and going along with it…in her song and dancing for money way – it’s what she knows…

She’s been a hostage screaming for help in what I’ve always thought was weird, but no one else seemed to notice until recently…maybe they are too busy taking selfies….

I know she definitely doesn’t have access to her social media and never did, most celebs don’t, otherwise all posts would be a cry for help, or at least more interesting, begging to be saved from her rich white trash family that exploits her, but I do know when I saw this pic from the same day that first popped up June 17 or 18….a month ago…I’m thinking they banked some content and have her in some fucking cell somewhere being brainwashed or whatever they do….it’s fucked…but some of you may find it hot…


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Britney Spears on Instagram Is Weird of the Day

Britney Spears on instagram remind me of a ISIS Beheading video.

They are low quality, they are creepy, they make me wonder who is filming her or creative directing her in these.

We all know she’s a captive in her own home thanks to her parents trapping her….so it’s like a weird glimpse from the prison she calls home that her handlers approve…but this is a BILLION dollar brand and this is what they come up with….I would expect this from a bunker in the Middle East not from some Louisiana or Los Angeles County 20 million dollar home…..confusing…glitchy…amazing…

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Britney Spears Hostage Photos of the Day

Britney Spears Hostage Bikini

Here are some hot pics of Britney Spears acting like the hostage she is. If this doesn’t remind you of a Russian Cam Girl chained to the bed as her guard watches in the corner of the room off camera enforcing that human trafficked girl does her job peeing on command for their paying customer.

In a lot of ways Britney Spears is a hostage, abducted in plain sight, but no one fucking cared because they were too into her song and dancing at least not until recently when the WOKE culture went at her dad to cancel her, even if she’s too far gone to survive on her own now that her entire life she’s been caged like one of the Tiger King’s top earning Tigers…you get what I am saying…she’s a commodity and she makes bank and a lot of people rely on her…her actual person, her actual self…irrelevant….

So here’s some similar to a beheading video imagary of the near 40 year old babe.

Britney Spears Hostage Bikini
Britney Spears Hostage Bikini
Britney Spears Hostage Bikini
Britney Spears Hostage Bikini
Britney Spears Hostage Bikini
Britney Spears Hostage Bikini


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Britney Spears Prison Workout Tits of the Day

Britney Spears is in prison. White collar prison maybe, a little house arrest, her dad the enforcer….and I guess this is one of her prison workouts with one of her guards that I hear she rapes because you can’t say no to Britney, especially if you’re a homosexual…I mean she’s a fucking gay icon…this is Britney Spears…hot tits, and remember the crazy ones are the best fucks.

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Britney Spears Yoga Shorts of the Day

Britney Spears Yoga

Britney Spears’ father said that she has dementia in court documents, which is hilarious on one level, since he’s been pulling the mental health card from every angle to retain control over her. Apparently it was in reference to her wanting babies and he put a stop to that because she’s got enough damn babies and they just bite into his profits…

She’s had a pretty crazy story of being abducted in plane sight, everyone just watching her sing and dance ignoring that she’s held in captivity for her family, that are basically human traffickers, all because the smoke and mirrors or light show of fame and fortune distracted people…they forget that the family is ghetto trash and if she didn’t make it at Disney, they’d be letting his bowling buddies run train on her for a case of beer…they may be rich as shit now thanks to exploiting their kid, but that doesn’t delete the pimping pervert trailer trash with a hustle….

Thanks to that hustle, this pussy is top shelf not bargain basement and affordable with foodstamps…now watch the near 40 year old stretch that pussy / spread that pussy proper.

Britney Spears Yoga
Britney Spears Yoga
Britney Spears Yoga
Britney Spears Yoga
Britney Spears Yoga
Britney Spears Yoga
Britney Spears Yoga


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Britney Spears Workout of the Day

There’s a story trending about how Britney Spears burnt down her gym with “candles’ she left out in an attempt to kill herself, or escape, or maybe it was really just an accident because she’s so heavily medicated.

Who knows…but she’s down to two pieces of equipment because that insurance money hasn’t come in, even though any fitness brand would send her any products her and her trainer boyfriend want for free…so to celebrate she decided to do a jittery, crackhead on drugs, maybe a schizo on schizo drugs with all those body shake side effects they have…to tell the world she needs help..or to say at 39 she’s still fun to watch move…even though she’s 39 and that makes no logical sense.

I still think a Britney in Captivity is worth watching hump the air like the nutjob she is…the rich version of the toothless homeless crackhead offering a blowjob for a warm cup of soup.

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Britney Spears Crop Top Dance of the Day

Britney Spears is our favorite animal in captivity….

Everyone seems to feel sorry for because her dad has made her a slave to him….she does her song and dances for a lot of fucking money that she may never see because he gets it all….at least now that it’s been a trending thing…but she’s been in captivity for 15 fucking years and no one gave a fuck until the whole WOKE thing.

I find it hard to feel sorry for anyone who is as rich, famous or coddled as Britney. She’s always been their “Bubble Boy” earner that they protect so she keeps earning.

I am not a parent, so that makes sense to me, if you’re going to make sacrifices to turn your kid into a Disney starlet, when ya’ll are just ghetto trash and need it, her 18th birthday is a fucking downer, as you lose your fucking investment when she decides to run off with her money….that you know she wouldn’t have made without you because she’s a mental case….

Her breakdown was the window of getting back what was rightfully theirs…I get it…NOT TO MENTION…that she NEVER has to worry about anything, I mean other than leaving the palaces they own, that are staffed, that have full fridges….no worries in the world…and if I was bipolar…that’d be fucking awesome…you know instead of being fucking homeless.

Who needs freedom when you’ve got all you ever need and more….

Anyway, this video is going viral because she’s still masturbating to Justin Timberlake, all these years later, confused as to what the trending app of the time is because she’s a captive…the luckiest prisoner ever.

Here’s her caption, if you care…

This is my version of Snapchat or TikTok or whatever the cool thing you’re supposed to do these days ????!!!!! As you can see I’m not really dancing folks …… I’m just very bored ?. PS I know we had one of the world’s biggest breakups 20 years ago …… but hey the man is a genius !!!! Great song JT ? !!!! Pssss if you KNOW WHAT’S GOOD ? !!!!!!

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Britney Spears Weird Selfies of the Day

Britney Spears Selfie

The nice thing about Britney Spears is that she’s been living in quarantine and self isolation since her dad managed to get control over her. All it took was an episode that involved her shaving her head like a lunatic, something I am sure is happening to anyone who is self quarantining the way Britney Has been all these years, legitimately alone…but based on looking outside all you motherfuckers are still hanging out, having dinner parties, socializing, fucking, etc….because disease doesn’t spread to those who are too stubborn to believe they can get the disease….

I am not going into conspiracy shit, or what this is about, I am just saying that I don’t think anyone is actually losing their mind because they live so detached from real life anyway…this is just the closing of the loop of living through your avatar on your phone…all your friends are accessible, and you don’t have to leave the house, it’s awesome….while someone like Britney, who has been alone, like legitimately alone, with a family who uses her…knows a thing or two about Quarantine…

Britney Spears Selfie
Britney Spears Selfie


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Britney Spears Posts a Porn Looking Selfie of the Day

So Britney Spears posted this picture up with the caption:

I woke up and my hair was curly today !!! I was kind of excited ? I hope you guys are having a wonderful time with your families…..

But we know she was more about the angle with her tits out, looking like she’s about to do some dick sucking casting couch performance she’s probably really good at because the crazy girls are all the best, as long as they don’t have overbearing white trash dads keeping them locked up and unable to let their true talents shine, even though you know if they hadn’t broke the mainstream, her dad would still manage her stripping / porn career…some people are just destined to be on camera, I guess….

This is definitely “Look at the camera” dick sucking amateur porn vibes…only starring a legend making it substantially better!

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