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Shredded MILF Brooke Burke Going Topless on Cam

48-year-old Brooke Burke shows her big boobs and perfect abs while posing on the beach. Photography by Brian Bowen Smith. As far as MILFs go, you can do much, MUCH worse than Brooke.

Brooke Burke See Through Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

The Domincan Republic has been getting a lot of bad press lately thanks to people dropping dead while on vacation there. It’s rumored to be some bootleg alcohol poisoning, but there could be a bigger conspiracy….but I don’t think Brooke Burke has much to worry about, she clearly isn’t one of those people who dies, as she keeps on bringing her fit as fuck body into what must be her 60s.

We remember her from 1990s Playboy…turned WILD ON…the party show around the world that came in a simpler time when we wouldn’t get hate for making movies or tv shows based on “Chicks in Bikinis”….but she’s still alive, many years older, with a bunch of fucking kids, and dudes still think she’s hot, they still are her fans, and they still jack off to her. It’s amazing, but I guess with a body like this, you can ignore that old lady face.

Either way, here’s some Divorcee in her 50s, redefining being an old weathered bitch…one bikini pic at a time. It is hard to hate on a dinosaur for being a dinosaur when it looks pretty good desptie being a dinosaur.


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Brooke Burke, Hayley Erbert, Julianne Hough Erotic

Erotic pictures of Brooke Burke, Hayley Erbert, and Julianne Hough – Mexico, 11/07/2019. You probably don’t care about any of those people. Try to enjoy these pictures for what they are? Maybe?