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Brooke Shields in Bikini of the Day

I watched Blue Lagoon the other day, it was on one of those free TV channels that plays random movies, so all the nudity was edited out, even though they say it wasn’t Brooke Shields naked, she had a body double due to being 14 at the time, because Hollywood is creepy as shit and always has been.

I think it was definitely her most significant role, not because she was part of creepy Hollywood child exploitation, I am not into any of that, but because she was a cute young girl you’d think would grow into a hot woman. Kind of like the creepy Neighbor watching over your kids waiting for her to turn 18 before mortgaging his house and launching her singing career with her…..

Unfortunately, like Haley Joel Osment, she has since turned into a man. On some Bruce Jenner Shit….so at 65 or whatever age she is, she’s still out there half naked, but hardly as hot as you’d expect her to be based on how promising beginnings….

I mean Suddenly Susan should have been called Suddenly Bill, or George, or anything but Susan……

She still posts half naked pics, looking better than she did at her worst, but still like an old fat lady who found the Keto Diet…she probably is. You’d still fuck her….

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