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Katy Perry Nude Ass Compilation

Katy Perry nude ass

Pop star Katy Perry shows off her nude ass crack for Christmas in a behind-the-scenes clip below from her new holiday music video…

Of course this wasn’t the first time that Katy brazenly showcased her bare butt cheeks, so to complete the compilation we included the other two clips of her meaty mud flaps… As well as the photographs below of her depraved derrière on full display after getting off of a ride at a water park.

Katy Perry nude ass

Yes, while Katy’s degenerate fanbase has been focused on seeing her massive milk sacks, it is her dilapidated dumper that keeps making appearances.

Katy Perry sexy butt

No doubt Katy continues to hide her titties while teasing her nude tush, to torment her thirsty admirers… And because she is a committed “backdoor beauty” who loves getting her shithole stretched.

Lily James Nude Ass Retrospective

Lily James nude ass

Lets us take a moment and reflect upon actress Lily James’ bulbous British booty in the color-corrected video below from the film “The Exception”.

They should have called this movie “The Assception” because Lily’s lily white butt cheeks are exceptional in it (clearly our Muslim puns are in a league all of their own).

Lily James nude ass

Unfortunately Lily will probably not get the opportunity to put her powerful posterior to good use in service of us virile Muslim men, for yesterday the UK voted in an extremely racist anti-Muslim conservative government by a historically large margin…

And frankly I’m glad, for us Muslims don’t need their shitty little island anyway, as there are plenty of other European countries who are more than happy to have us suckling from their welfare teat in the name of diversity. Sadly the real victim in all of this is Lily, as she will now most likely not be able to get culturally enriched by having her sensational shit box stabbed by a massive meat scud.

Jessica Alba Doggy Style Workout

Jessica Alba ass

Jessica Alba reveals the secret to her world famous shapely ass cheeks in the doggy style workout video below.

All female exercises should involve them being on their hands and knees, for it is by far the most important position for women to work on as it covers everything from scrubbing the floors to getting their rectums stretched by their powerful Muslim masters.

Of course Jessica didn’t always have such a halal fitness regime… For as you can see in the video clip above, in her younger days she trained to be a stripper (no doubt even rehearsing the $20 handjobs in the private VIP rooms).

Jessica Alba camel toe

However, years of being rode hard and put up wet have taken their toll on Jessica’s body (see her swollen mound pictured above)… And so it is certainly no surprise that Jessica’s workout routine has become so low impact, for at this point there is a real risk for her uterus to prolapse.

Taylor Swift Naked Butt Cheeks And Sex Celebration

Taylor Swift butt

Taylor Swift was the talk of the town this weekend after showing off her bare butt cheeks in a gold sparkly slut suit while performing live at the American Music Awards.

To celebrate once again using depravity and manufactured drama to capture headlines, Taylor appears to have filmed her herself getting her sin hole slammed in the sex video above.

Of course Taylor Swift’s new found confidence and shapely figure can be attributed to the more intense workout regime she recently started. For in previous years Taylor would go to the gym and focus almost exclusively on Kegel exercises, while now she uses free weights and performs heavy lifts.

Taylor Swift sexy

Yes, there is no denying that Taylor is certainly feeling herself right now… No doubt that is true both metaphorically and literally.

McKayla Maroney’s Ass Flaunting Returns

McKayla Maroney ass

Former US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney makes her triumphant return to flaunting her tight round ass in the video clips below.

As you can see from this video, McKayla certainly hasn’t lost any of her thirsty thot posing moves. Unfortunately for McKayla videos like these not only call into question the conviction of her disgraced handsy former doctor Larry Nassar, but also put her in legal jeopardy.

McKayla Maroney sexy

For in Sharia law there is a certain something called the “asking for it” statute. And while bruising the petals on another man’s female flowers is unacceptable, liability shifts if the flowers were being too overtly fragrant. Of course the barbaric and backwards Western legal system will never understand such subtle complexities when mediating justice.

Top 10 Willa Holland Nude Ass Photos

Willa Holland nude ass

Willa Holland recently announced her triumphant return to the hit CW series “Arrow” by sharing a new topless selfie of her bare butt cheeks in a thong (photo on the right) on her boyfriend’s Instagram… So now is certainly the opportune time to look back at Willa’s top 10 best nude (and nearly nude) ass pics of all time.


Willa Holland ass

Willa showing off her tight tush in a bikini by a pool while doing her impression of a slutty crane.


Willa Holland ass

Willa’s ass out in the breakers while contemplating the vastness of the ocean, and how it relates to the vastness of her depravity.


Willa Holland ass thong

This blurry image of Willa’s butt in a thong is still clear enough for us pious Muslims to use it to imagine that she is about to be stoned up against that rock wall.


Willa Holland ass thong

Once again Willa brazenly bares her booty in a thong… Only this time it is while throwing coins in a fountain and wishing for a virile Muslim’s powerful meat scud to pulverize her poop chute.


Willa Holland ass thong

The face you make when Willa is out of peanut butter, but she is still feeling frisky.


Willa Holland ass thong

Stockings and garters but no butt plug? Pardon the pun, but what half-assed whoring.


Willa Holland nude

Her boyfriend should have taken this pic spreading her cheeks… What a pussy.


Willa Holland nude

Willa’s latest posterior pic. Her fanny certainly appears to be getting fatter.


Willa Holland nude

If Willa wants to survive a holy Islamic butt blasting she better start practicing by taking that tequila bottle in her rectum… Thick side first.


Willa Holland nude

Wearing knee high socks while showcasing her nude ass… This slut seriously wants her shit pushed in.


Willa Holland nude

Willa faxing CelebJihad exclusive naked pics of her tight round rump.

Double Bonus

Willa Holland’s hot teen heinie from back in the day on “The O.C.”.

Hailey Baldwin Hot Ass Compilation

Hailey Baldwin nude boobs

Despite showing her boobs in a see through top in the photo above, Hailey Baldwin is best known for 3 things… Being beloved actor Billy Baldwin’s niece, marrying Justin Bieber, and having a tight round ass. That is why we have compiled Hailey’s “hottest” booty pics into the gallery below.


Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin

Yes, Hailey Baldwin certainly has a taut plumb little hiney, so it is easy to see why Justin Bieber married her… As her backside must look great as it supports the harness to the big black strap-on that she uses to peg his gaping homoqueer anus hole every night.

Speaking of stretched out rectal openings, it is clear from the lingerie video above that Hailey has had at least one dick shoved up her derriere. Perhaps Hailey’s Uncle Alec had one too many at a family reunion, bent her over, and gave her something that was no doubt considerably less painful than watching him try to be funny.