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Camila Mendes Twerk Workout of the Day

Camila Mendes is Hollywood taking extreme liberty with the Betty Character from the Archie Comics you may have been into because she was the rich one with the awesome house….because Hollywood is trying to be inclusive and they can’t just have white people on the show…especially when they re-work the Lodge Family to be a criminal family….you know put the HISPANICS in there, or are they called LatinX because some entitled white person decided to call them LatinX, remove the gender because gender is wrong, weirdness I am sure 90 percent of Latinos don’t appreciate…but that the media runs with because inclusivity or some shit…

Well, in being a young girl in Hollywood trying to stay relelvant on Social Media, the typically chubby, neckless and unattractive on the Show has brought a twerk in leggings…and this is probably the best we’ve seen her, at least enough evidence of why or how she got into the show…something I’ve been confused about since seeing the first episode….but if the LatinX can shake that ass…give her the part…

Then she posted a pretty racy ass pic because girls are fucking mental in their shameless self promotion and exhibitionism…I mean…this is a crazy angle for a bikini pic from an actress…I mean a Cam Girl, and IG girl, but a working actress…I guess all those lines are blurred.


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Camila Mendes And Her Twin of the Day

Camila Mendes Twin

Camila Mendes is posing with her dog, or a dog, I don’t know what kind of dog this bitch has because I don’t believe in her and I won’t accept that she exists, especially not as BETTY from the Archie Comics, who gave all of us Archie comic book readers dreams of fucking or at least being friends with the hot rich bitch with the pool.

But in the times of inclusivity and making sure all people are represented in stories, even if all people in real life aren’t represented in all stories, on some “let’s all be Canadians” because Canada has been doing this since the 80s….they decided to cast Veronica as a Mendes and you know what, good on them, I don’t give a fuck if the rich girl is some Mexican who’s dad is running drugs in their version of Riverdale, racist, casting the Mexican as the fucking criminal, hilarious…..I’m surprised their black Character, who is from Canada wasn’t cast as the crack dealer, you know cuz of inclusivity….idiots….but yeah, I don’t care that the rich girl is a Mexican or LATINX, I just care that the Mexican or LATINX they chose is a neckless midget with an underbite, it’s just too much of a stretch.

That said, this is her with a dog that could be her dog, because as you know dogs look like their owners, and since she’s got an underbite, she’d probably be inclined to think a dog with an underbite is cute and as a pug owner, I agree with her, which is why I hate comparing humans to dogs, because dogs are cute and humans are dog shit.


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Camila Mendes Ass in Leggings of the Day

My friend Steve is an obsessive Riverdale Fan, all he ever does is talk to me incessantly about Riverdale, I think he even got the Archie Comics logo tattooed on his chest…..

He gives me all the Riverdale updates and apparently, the entire cast of Riverdale is going down for “Sexual Assault”….because either they were as surprised with the success of the show based on how absolute shit it is, so they took their inflated egos out there to do some raping….or they are doing the mass diversion of “if we have the whole cast accused of sexual assault, it will deflate the actual sexual assault case against an actual sexual assaulter, because the masses will just assume it was all an elaborate prank….there is strength in solidarity, so if one of the team goes down, take down the entire team, so that the one who actually did the crime, is eclipsed by the whole group going down…..clever way to save an entitled rich fuck but more importantly to save their whow….this #metoo shit is real…..annoying…but not as annoying as Riverdale…

THAT SAID, the stars of the show are all dogpound ugly, I haven’t galled a girl a dog in a while, I haven’t “Woofed” at an ugly bitch walking by me in at least 20 years, I usually just default to calling them “CUNTS”….but the cast of the show, real unattractive, which makes a shit show even worse and this dumpy ass midge is Veronica…or at least there to ruin the memory of the Veronica you grew up reading and fantasizing about….there is nothing hot about her, not even in THICK ass leggings…designed to give her ass some more shape….


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