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Camila Morrone Short Shorts of the Day

camila morrone Mask Gloves

I’m just posting this to Mask Shame…

I realize the whole cotton mask hate, the attack on your freedoms, the fact that it’s not scientifically proven to actually fight COVID off making the whole mandatory wearing of masks obsolete….

However, masks are fucking cool, I am so happy that we can go out anonymous, it’s a huge advancement in humanity….so when I don’t see someone in a mask I tell them to put their damn masks on…or when I see idiots like Camila Morrone, the pussy Leo probably doesn’t fuck cuz he’s old and gay…and not into that whole pussy thing anymore….but that he pretends to fuck as a favor to her mom,who is his friend…to help her with her career…nice guy…wearing her mask wrong…we gotta all point and laugh at the bitch…

If you’re nose is hanging out of your mask, you fucking mouth breather…it’s not going to work…even though it doesn’t work anyway.

That’s it for now…

camila morrone Mask Gloves
camila morrone Mask Gloves


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