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Cardi B Amazing Video of the Day

This is a video I fucking love, not because I think Cardi B is hot, I actually question her celebrity any time I see her and I am amazed that a woman who gets her pussy waxed on her instagram because she’s a trashy stripper with a lot of money, living that best stripper life, thanks to a reality show that allowed her to become a rapper….caters to 14 year old girls…

So all these young people are watching her, like I guess young girls of your generation watched Madonna or Christina Aguilera…only it’s far more hood, not because she’s a variation of black or her husband is a variation of black but because this is where the market is….

I guess Madonna was scandalous for masturbating with religious symbols like a good Catholic, while Cardi Be is scandalous for being a stripper…which is far less scandalous or offensive….and as a person who loves strippers, I figure her audience may be too young for this kind of shit, but they also come from the internet porn generation and that’s a whole pile of horny perverts that can handle a twerk….it can’t be all that bad as a role model for young girls looking to get paid without putting in all that much effort….we need the whores…

Anyway, I like this video, it’s got good energy.


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Cardi B’s Nasty Fucking Tattoo of the Day

The most incredible thing about American culture, or where American Culture is right now, in your Godless, Smut Filled, Porn Addicted, Social Media Monetization culture, is that some gutter stripper like Cardi B is what your kids listen to.

I am against censorship and I don’t think strippers deserve to be shunned or forgotten for being strippers. I think like any other kind of woman, they can whore their way to wherever they need to go, even the top of the charts….but I don’t think it’s responsible to have a stripper be the voice of 12 year old girls everywhere like Cardi B is…because that’s instilling some fucked up morals and values in them.

Apparently, this is her showing off her new Tattoos on her fake ass, because she’s gutter trash, the kind of thing that would end up stripping…and the fact she’s considered influenctial or iconic is just fucking nuts…you’d think parents would boycot this shit across the board, but instead they are singing along to it on TikTok with the kids…because the parents are all godless, porn addicted trash too.

The world is nuts.

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