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Caroline Corinth Skinny Dip of the Day

Caroline Corinth Skinny Dipping

Caroline Corinth is showing off her literal wet pussy….even though you can’t see her pussy…it’s wet.

She’s a Danish model, which much like my wife’s favorite pastry, also the Danish, she looks like a delicious snack, at least her ass does…because she’s showing it to all her fans on social media like some kind of pervert exhibitionist who she obviously is, because she chose a life of modelling. She decided “I am so hot, I am so sexy, I am so good at being in pictures, I’m going to go up against other hot bitches and pursue this…

Here she is in what I guess is a skinny dip, which as far as I’m concerned is the only kind of swimming you should do, you know that freedom of not being constrained by conventional swimswear, just genitals floating…..especially if you’re a hot model because if I was skinny dipping it’d look a lot like an adult version of Nirvana’s Nevermind, only with a smaller baby dick.

I guess what I am saying is all the ladies out there need to find this kind of empowerment so that they bring that shit to the local splash pads everywhere, because we’re all fucking perverts here to stare at wet pussy…exposing itself.


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