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Chantel Jeffries in Black Face of the Day

Chantel Jeffries is some trashy instagram girl who fucks rappers and DJs and Bieber and Diplo and The Chainsmokers and athletes and basically anyone because when you’re an ass on a THOT on instagram that has a large amount of followers, you get rich dudes slipping in the DM, so much so that you can make a career out of it.

She’s some military brat who apparently went to College unlike most Influencers…but until today, we had no idea that she’s part black, because she looked more like Kardashian / Jenner Black, which is not black at all, just a lot of spray tan and black cock…

Since it’s Black Lives Matter era, embrace that blackness, because she could be part black, who fucking cares, she’s just passable white who we just assumed was appropriating enough blackness to be relevant…

So put the hair in braids, reduce exposure on your pics, BLACK it UP and MILK it because if you have any black in you, even just black cock, you gotta milk it to make people think you are relevant…to make people want to work with you or fear cancelling you…to make people choose you over the white girls…even if it’s almost White Privilege coming through and taking work, eyeballs away from full black people who actually get racially profiled cuz they don’t pass themselves off as white.

I guess somewhere there’s a story of a girl embracing her blackness now that she can, even though she always could, but I don’t buy into any of that, to me this is just mooching….mooching like she mooches all that DJ cock…social climbing….but half naked for Rihanna’s lingerie….using all the trending trashy influencers to help wipe out Victoria’s Secret.


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Chantel Jeffries Nude Selfies And Video Leaked

Chantel Jeffries nude

Social media star Chantel Jeffries appears to have just leaked the nude selfies above and below online.

Chantel Jeffries nude

The topless nude photo above looks like it is a screenshot from a yet to be released video recording… However as you can see in the video below, some nude clips of Chantel have already made their way online.

Of course Chantel is best known for her rocky on-and-off again relationship with pop star Justin Bieber, so it is certainly no coincidence that she would leak nudes just a day after his much talked about wedding.

Chantel Jeffries tits

Clearly Chantel is being a catty whore, and it is now up to Justin’s new bride Hailey Baldwin to defend her honor… By posting her own set of nudes… Preferably with her manly “butterface” cropped out (Justin certainly seems to have a type).

American DJ (Ceejay) Chantel Jeffries nude leaked The Fappening

Chantel Jeffries nude leaked The Fappening photos. You can see her fully naked body on these hot selfies. Chantel Taleen Jeffries (b. October 1, 1992) is an American DJ (Ceejay), record producer, actress, model, and YouTube personality. She released her first single “Wait” with Universal Music Group on May 2, 2018. Instagram:

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