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Brazen Babe Charli XCX Showing Her Sideboob

Sexy Charli XCX pictures – Gay Time Magazine (September 2019). Photography by Ryan Pfluger. Say what you will, but she kind of looks like a manlier version of Julian Casablancas on some of the pics.

Charli XCX Bikini Bottoms of the Day

No one even knows who Charli XCX, the bootleg Rita Ora who is the bootleg Rihnna is …there’s been a handful of popstars come out since she was taking a stab at it who all saw huge success…while she’s still out here probably 15 years or more later…still trying to get attention by using her naked or half naked body…

Instead of just working on making good music for her pop career that still hasn’t taken off….after 15 years of trying to use her tits to get ahead….

I figure it can’t be that hard to make 1 hit song when you have a record deal already and access to people who make hit songs….I think if I spent a year doing nothing but writing one hit song instead of blogging this bullshit all day everyday…I can assure you I’d have a song bigger than any of CHARLI XCX songs…and I am not musical at all…I can’t even whistle…but that’s possibly due to some herpes scarring…fucking whores and their fucking dirty pussies…

Speaking of dirty pussies…I think she’s got balls.

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Charli XCX Spreads Her Ass of the Day

Charli XCX Booty

Charli XCX is being pretty extreme in this photoshoot…that isn’t really a photoshoot, but all you need to produce photos in your phone, so we’ll call it a photoshoot.

I mean sitting on a dudes head while on all fours in some 69 done wrong because the dude under you is a faggot who wants his ass eaten and can reciprocate….

She’s a barely famous popstar who never quite made it, from the UK but likely living in America because your border walls aren’t high enough to keep people with record deals the fuck out…mooching off your resources like AMERICAN money that should be better spent on AMERICAN people…whether she pays tax or not….if you keep letting these immigrants in…what the hell will America mean….and next thing you know thanks to Globalization…we’ll be dealing with a Global Pandemic, rather than pointing and laughing at a third world pandemic from the comfort of our LAZY BOY chairs as we watch this season of SURVIVOR….

Barely famous or not, she’s been about that leotard life when it was a thing, she’s been about her big tits braless like she was Rita Ora…and it’s worked alright for her…but now she’s pushing it with white panties…while riding a head…getting head the wrong way…because everything she does is wrong.

The nice thing is that in this Pandemic, we are learning just what kind of sex workers EVERYONE is…because nothing like a global pandemic to bring out the slutty.

Charli XCX Booty

Charli XCX Booty
Charli XCX Booty


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Charli XCX Hard Nipples of the Day

Charli XCX Hard Nipples

Charli XCX is some barely a popstar popstar. I think I saw her performing once, in a subway station with a bra set out for people to throw their change in, back when we were allowed to leave the house. She used a bra instead of a hat because it spoke more to her personal brand, while allowing her tits to be braless, nipples hard, to motivate people to give her change…she found when singing in a sweater she would make no money, but in a leotard without underwear on, she’d make a solid 100 dollars a day.

She carried that logic to her attempt at a legitimate music career, one that hasn’t really popped off, but her bra was never seen again, because she knew she had something solid enough to get her off the streets and into AMERICA…

Unfortunately, she’s doing a little too much unfiltered content to show you how authentic she is as a person…because there is such thing as too authentic…

Charli XCX Hard Nipples


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Charli XCX Big Tits And Nips Compilation

Charli XCX bikini tits

There are some singers who have so much talent that they simply let their music speak for itself… Charli XCX is not that type of singer, as you can clearly see from the compilation of her showing off her big titties and nipples in the video below.

Of course the best thing that can be said about Charli XCX is that she looks like the type of girl who could grow a really kickass mustache if she wanted to.

Charli XCX nipples

Unfortunately Charli XCX adheres to the British aesthetic which shuns female facial hair… At least for now. No doubt as the impotent limp dicked infidel populace continues to be bred out of existence, England will be forever transformed… And when that glorious day comes Charli XCX will certainly wish she had some nice lip foliage to land herself a gig as a taint tickler in a virile Muslim’s harem.