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Charlotte D’Alessio’s Skirt Gets Blown Up by the Wind of the Day

Charlotte D’Alessio and her skinny ass is some Canadian rich kid who was “discovered” at Coachella. Sounds pretty fucking hip. She was with Josie Canseco in some pics that went viral and another Canadian who probably knew her from getting his dick sucked by her….TheWeeknd posted the pics. Sounds like dreams do come true.

She went to Beverly Hills High School, which is where I assume she met all these other rich sluts she hangs with….like Charlotte Lawrence….

Apparently, after going viral on the internet, she quit school to become a full time “model” who basically means instagram slut….every girl’s dream….because that’s basically what modelling is now.

She’s got 900k followers on her INSTAGRAM and it looks like she’s a lot of fun….basically a scenester in LA doing LA things like posing half naked on social media. Works for me.

The pics that tipped me off on who she actually is, because I think I’ve posted some of her shoots with other more famous people, are ones of the wind blowing up her skirt, in what was likely an intentional ass flash, you know sitting there waiting for GOD to make an appearance and give pervert pedestrians an ass flash…I always love when this happens…it is as close to a RELIGIOUS experience as I can get…

Here are some of her INSTAGRAM pics…she’s good as she lives the “Maybe I’ll be Bella Hadid” dream. Rich kids on a rampage being rich and relevant.

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