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Charlotte McKinney in a Bikini Top of the Day

Big titty Charlotte McKinney is finally out in a bikini top….showing off what got her on Dancing with the Stars when Dancing with the Stars were scrambling to figure out how to get the younger audience to watch their shitty show, only to realize that casting “influeners’ that most people don’t give a fuck about, despite their big tits, wasn’t the fucking answer…so they have fired the host and brought on Tyra Banks in their most recent attempt of “we don’t know what the fuck we are doing despite our huge budgets, this internet thing that is actually super easy to manipulate, just isn’t something we are able to manipulate”….

Point being, never has there been a titty model, who only had following thanks to being early to show off her big tits on instagram, decide she’s above showing off her tits, because she wants to be a legit model or personality, maybe even an actor or something…and not just a set of tits, even though if she had embraced being a titty model that people are only into for her tits and had fun with it, instead of turn her back on it, she’d be 100 times further ahead than where she is….it’s like don’t alienate your audience if you have an audience, even though I’d alienate my audience if I had an audience, but I’m not here trying to get relevant…I’m the kind of guy who thinks it is funny when I used to offend my followers enough lose them…back when I had a twitter before they deleted me..but you get what I am saying…USE THE TITS, they are Nature’s insurance policy that you’ll be OK.


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Charlotte McKinney is Back in a Bikini of the Day

Stephen Dorf’s ex girlfriend, or at least one of his ex girlfriends, because that dude has fucked everyone and likely has a scarred up dick to prove it, is a girl you may know as Charlotte McKinney.

She went viral for having massive tits a bunch of years ago when having massive tits was all you needed as a marketable skill…which I guess hasn’t officially changed…big tits get famous every day.

She was on Dancing with the Stars before being a star, because her only marketable skill was her tits, and she’s made a lot of money off her tits, like a stripper, only not a stripper because her family are Jewelers in the Bahamas…a tax haven for those of you who don’t know…which means a great place to be a jeweler.

She hasn’t been out there, we haven’t seen her in action for a while now. I like to think it is because none of these girls like to admit that 90 percent of their audience is creepy dudes waiting for the tit pics, so they do other content like cooking shows, or whatever the fuck it is they do, instead of embracing the “they are only here for my tits, my only marketable talent, my tits”….because they have egos and need to be MORE than just tits…even though they’ll forever be just tis.

So it’s nice to see her back in the bikini, the way she started, probably in her 30s now, because it’s been at least 5 years of making money off the tits, and 2 years of pretending she’s more than just tits….

We are fans of people getting back to their true calling, back on their true path….


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