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“Hilarious” Chelsea Handler Flashing Her Tits Again

Chelsea Handler’s sexy photo from Instagram, 10/25/2019. You know what, she might be a not-so-secret exhibitionist and we don’t want to be a part of the experience for her. Seriously.

Chelsea Handler Showing Her Butt Cheeks Once Again

Chelsea Handler’s “erotic” photo from Instagram, 10/02/2019. Do any of you actually like staring at this “hilarious” babe and her ass cheeks? Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

Butterface MILF Chelsea Handler Flashing Her Tit

Chelsea Handler’s sexy picture from Instagram, 10/22/2019. We’re not sure if this is supposed to be funny or what. Enjoy looking at that pasty-ass titty if you want to. This is a judgment-free zone!

Chelsea Handler Topless of the Day

Chelsea Handler Topless Nude

Chelsea Handler is out holding her fake tit for attention because like me, her comedy is shit and can’t carry itself, so it needs the tits to get people to notice, even if they aren’t paying attention.

I always found her a loud mouth cunt and her show was some weird condescending garbage I only watched once or twice, so maybe she’s some genius talent and the titty pics are less about attention and more about sharing with her fans because she does have fan.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this bitch had an ego, thought she was going to be a big actor with her cheesy tits, a victim of thinking she’s hotter than she is…only to realize the only way to the top is through sucking comedian dick at the comedy clubs because comedians are some of the most socially awkward virginal fucks who can’t get laid, despite girls saying they look for humor in a guy, they mean they look for humor in a guy who has money.

ANYWAY, through manipulation tactics that are likely similar to this, she made it, and ow a millionaire, she can focus on her passion of exhibitionism despite being 50 fucking years old.

All this to say, you can’t hate on a whore for being a whore when it’s what she’s done for so long! I just prefer my whoring when it has more completion, more climatic moments…this is sort of the intro…where’s the gaping gangbang from a bunch of black dudes…figure it out you loose pussied trash.


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Chelsea Handler Naked Again of the Day

Chelsea Handler Nude

The verdict is that people hate Chelsea Handler posting her nudes but not for the nudes….

They hate that she’s a loud mouth cunt who is getting naked for attention….but still think she looks ok nude. Despite being 400 years old, I guess the demographic here is old dudes who have given up on life and don’t even bother jerking off to under 25 year olds because it’s far too much of a fantasy that it’s not even believable as a fantasy….so instead they turn to the MILF porn, the old lady porn….because at least they know there’s a shot that a body like that could one day end up on their dick.

It’s like they think her being nude takes away the purity of a nude and turns it into a monetization strategy taking away from the nude…because nudes are more than just the image, they are also the intention of the nude…and that can offset the jerk-off-ability to a nude…not that anyone jerks off to this shameless loudmouth, but they may.

Chelsea Handler Nude


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Chelsea Handler Nude Book Club of the Day

Chelsea Handler Nude Book Club of the Day

Chelsea Handler may think she knows what good clickbait is during COVID, but what she’s missing is that if we wanted to look at a nude bitch and books, to inspire a book club, or whatever else the likely coke whore from the 80s who was an aspiring actor who became a TV host because as it turns out comedy was easier to manipulate than legitimate acting….is promoting.

The fact of the matter is that there comes a time in every woman’s life where she becomes that bitch at the nudist beach who may be eager and keen to be naked as they are comfortable in their old weathered bodies….but that doesn’t mean anyone else is comfortable with it….

You know all those stereotypes nude beaches have, never the hot chicks, always the olds as shit….this is the at home embodiment of that.

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