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Chrissy Teigen is an Animal Abuser of the Day

Chrissy Teigen Animal Abuser

Chrissy Tiegen is for the most part banned from theis Website. She once wrote in saying she appreciated the mean spirited humor, than a year later she went nuts because I called her pug faced, which wasn’t quite accurate, since I am a pug guy, with a pug and who will probably always have a pug for the rest of my life, but when applied to a human is meant to be insulting.

This was before she was as famous as she is now, but not before she was wallet fucking John Legend the homosexual singer who has probably sucked off Kanye back in Chicago when they were plotting how to take their art school asses to the top of the music industry.

I have no idea why her drunken rants on twitter made her some sort of authority, personality and host…but it did and fat bitch who used to be just lonely and depressing from her apartment…has become an actual celebrity…not a hot celebrity…a sloppy fake titty wide faced celebrity…who from my perspective shouldn’t be a celebrity, is HARDLY funny, but I guess the mainstream thinks she is, because the mainstream has no fucking taste.

I am not interested in promoting disgusting looking piles of shit….but I’ll present this as the human version of the Coronavirus being found in a pile of feces. Just a sloppy pile of shit of a human…assaulting her dog from her
expensive home…


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