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Christina Millian Pink Panties of the Day

Christina Milian Pink Bra Panties

Christina Millian posted this picture of her in her panties that looks like it’s from some bootleg porn set where single mother of two decided it was time to cash in on the tits to buy the baby some formula or herself some crack…and not because she’s a black person, which is what the racists out there who are calling everything racist, while pretending they are no racist are trying to police….by putting words in our damn mouth and the fact that I had to hesitate when a bitch looks like she’s about to take a load on her face in the back office of some dildo store for $200…because she’s black…even though I’d say the same damn thing if she was white…is the fucking problem with the world right now…not everything is a black and white issue…sometimes a whore looks like an actual whore and actual whores come in all shapes and colors in the event you didn’t know…from Asian, to Black, to White Trash with the Meth Teeth on…whore is not a cultural thing, it’s a desperation thing or a product of being molested…get with the program you fucks.


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