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Becky G’s Corsets And Ass Cheeks

Becky G booty

Singer Becky G has made millions off of shaking her Mexican ass meat while dressed in corsets to keep her flabby gunt from sticking out.

Of course Becky G represents the vision of America that its liberal elites want… A spastic wetback whore jiggling around while some blonde white girl patiently waits on her knees for her to stop so that she can adjust Becky’s hooker boots.

Becky G ass

While this depraved dystopian future is almost a certainty… Especially after they depose and execute the Orange Sultan Trump… All hope is not lost. For the Zionist globalist world order will fall to Islam, and when it does us mighty Muslim warriors will attach Becky G by the straps of her corset to our war camels and drag her through the desert for these vile acts.