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Frontline Healthcare Workers Being Slutty of the Day

I don’t know why, but this girls in scrubs being wild thing is starting to become a fetish.

Not all the nurses going wild are created equally, some are fat and disgusting slobs, but I am fascinated to see these women uploading content of themselves on the job in various acts of slutty.

It just reaffirms my position that nurses are the sex workers of the health care industry, there to appease doctors, in hopes of homewrecking and stealing that doctor life. I mean why else would anyone want to work with sick people at a fraction of the pay of a doctor, doing more work than the doctor, it’s just insane…there’s a bigger opportunity there.

It is also crazy to me that people will take slutty pics from work, like if I worked with ANY of these people I’d know “hey, isn’t that Melinda from the third floor”….I mean they don’t do a very good job being anonymous.

Obviously they want to be seen, that’s the whole point…stress relief, perversion, whatever…I like it…even when I don’t really like what I am looking at…it’s a higher concept kind of like…

Just doing my part to support our “heroes”…

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Nurses on the Front Line Being Naughty of the Day

I know that the world keeps telling healthcare workers that they are heroes, to mind fuck them into working on the front lines during this crisis, when really they should be reevaluating career choices. I mean isn’t there an easier way to make an honest living with benefits than working as a fucking nurse when there’s a virus out there designed to kill us all off….if not now, than eventually, I mean it is just going to keep morphing into vaccine resistant versions and this will be going on for a long fucking time….being in hospital is the last place I’d want to be.

I get that they train for this, that this is their “calling” or whatever, but even doctors who were really only doctors because they are good at science and good at knowing doctors make 1,000,000 dollars a year…are forced to actually work, or actually risk their lives, whether the virus is as bad as they say it is….so FEED them and their egos, tell them they are the new celebrity and validate what they do for the same pay they got before the crisis. Seems like a shitty deal….

There used to be some risk at your job, now there is huge risk, we’ll pay you the same, but say you’re a hero…because the system knows without them they are fucked, and it is still a free country, kind of, they don’t technically need to be working like this, there are not gun to their heads, but their may be.

So in a FUCK EM ALL, who gives a fuck, FUCK THE WORLD, release, these nurses are like “Look at my pussy hole while I’m in scrubs to really worship me and give me something to cum to, cuz I cum to posting nudes, as soon as I get a 5 minute break to release”….

We are all animals, basic retards, who are designed to want to cum under stress and under good times, it is the constant…

SO this is what some nurses were up to this Easter Weekend away from family, tending to dying old people….crazy times.

Some Videos:

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Naughty Nurses Gone Wild of the Day

Essential workers are key, I am just surprised so many of them are exhibitionists, who deal with the stress of the front lines, tits out in selfies they send to friends and post to the internet for feedback….maybe it’s part of caring, being inclined to care for people in dark times, or all times, and their instinct to help that got them in the nursing to begin with, is the same instinct to care for a man’s sexual needs…or maybe they are just perverts…who get off showing off….

But nursing is the sex work of the healthcare system, if anything a lot of nurses worked in sex work when going to nurse school, as a backup plan for that real job when stripping was over, I mean great sugar daddy potential in a hospital I guess…

Either way, or heroes, on the front lines, being weird, being fetishes for you nurse uniform loving perverts with a nurse fetish cuz you like all the germs on you.

April Fools…

Nurse videos if you click more…

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Healthcare Girls Gone Wild of the Day

Support Our Troops….the frontline healthcare workers are getting a lot of praise from everyone around the world, like they are the heroes we need, even though they are the heroes we’ve always had…..

I don’t think it’s anything special that these health care workers are out there going to work during the crisis while we all get to chill, the whole reason they are in this position is to be there when there are pandemics. It’s the whole fucking point of working in healthcare….

Sure, it’s been cushy all their careers with a lack of a pandemic to really make them worth the high salaries they get according to me, not necessarily high salaries compared to useless people in the world like celebs or influencers, but still good pay for a three year college course compared to other three year college courses like fashion design, cabinet making and mechanics….

Nurses are paid well for working the system….and they were just hoping that there wouldn’t be a pandemic in their careers, where they’d have to really get their hands dirty….

I don’t see how them going to work despite there being a pandemic is a big deal, it’s their fucking jobs.

That said, nurses are the sex workers looking for doctor cum to fill them up even if they are married, because doctors have the lives nurses like to have sex with and hope to one day homewreck..masturbating, flashing tits, anything sexual is a good way to deal with stress…so naked nurses, naughty nurses, scrubs getting pulled off is trending…you know since nurses are the sex workers of the healthcare industry…and this is an updated bunch of pics on our ongoing COVID-19 healthcare worker titty documenting, since they are the only titties that can leave the house.


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Hand Washing PSA of the Day

I guess with the social distancing rules in place at the federal level until April 30th, you’re likely not working, going broke, waiting for your 1200 dollar check from the governement, angry that trillions of dollars were spent on fighting the arabs in the middle east, money that could have been paid to each and every one of you, I mean it was your tax money…better for it to go back to the people rather than to the government sending it where they want…crazier that the Tithes suckers give to the evangelicals…but somehow seen as normal. The elite really pulled a fast one on all you suckers…didn’t they…”give us your gold, take this paper, give us 40% of your earnings, it’s fair, we give you streets, mail and also charge more taxes on everything you buy, and on real estate YOU own”….ridiculous.

Anyway, the biggest and best way to fight COVID is apparently to hand wash, and luckily internet tits lack creativity and all do the same kind of content, which has been consistently hand washing tutorials…tits out.

I’ll watch this for hours to make sure I know the right way….but only because I have nothing else to do…not that I ever have anything to do….6 frames, one video, it’s some Sesame Street level shit for old perverts. It works.

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Health Care Workers Gone Wild of the Day

With healthcare workers on the front lines of this COVID crisis, the heroes at war with an invisible enemy that people are starting to look at as a “this must be a hoax” or “fake news” or “media hype” or a “conspiracy” because the whole series of events around it has been so surreal and you can never trust what you see, read or hear. It seems that the government locking us all into our houses, fearing each other, making groups of 2 or more people illegal…could have other benefits to them. So logcially it’s hard to jsut accept the virus.

But that doesn’t mean the healthcare workers on the front line, potentially risking their lives, or at least thinking they are risking their lives, since they are definitely not in on the lies (if there are lies), they are as duped if not more duped than the rest of us chilling on our couches.

I am not advocating or supporting the conspiracies, but it’s pretty fucking weird.

What isn’t weird is that nurses, the sex worker of the healthcare world, post nudes of themselves for support, to get off, as stress release, who knows, a lot of them are doing it.

So to support the front line, because they are on the front lines, here’s the best of Nurses Gone Wild…

If you’re into videos of nurses….click here:

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