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Danielley Ayala Big Titty Round-Up of the Day

I don’t know shit about Danielley Ayala but I know I’ve seen and maybe even posted some of her pics on the site before because she’s basically a set of ridiculous sized tits. We’re talking medical emergency grade tits, for both the man who gets to suffocated on them and girl who has to carry them around. The kind of tits that are more a handicapped and make her eligible for disability that are also conveniently a tool that helpo her monetize her content because freakish tits excite dudes, since we’re all tit obsessed….you know a blessing that comes with back pain and other issues because they are bigger than your fucking head.

I don’t know if I really need to know shit about Danielley Ayala besides her epic, life changing, tits that are in X-Games mode because they are extreme…because I’ve always just assumed women are host bodies for their tits, in this case…there’s no denying it…

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