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Dascha Polanco Zoom Meeting Panties of the Day

dascha polanco zoom attire panties

Dascha Polanco is your kind of woman…as she is getting a taste of that CAM GIRL life…as she sits on her ZOOM MEETING with her pants off, like so many talk show hosts and tele conferencing jokes before her….

I think the whole “I’m not wearing pants” joke is beyond played out, but I could just be hating on it because she’s the kind of girl I’d rather see in her pants, trust me, I know played out jokes, I’ve played them out so hard that people don’t even know this site is a “Comedy Site”….they are just like “what is this weirdness”….and not in a good way.

Either way, the 37 year old, mom of two, Dominican….is probably your kind of girl, you know the Chambermaid you hope walks in on you masturbating so you can be like that porn dude who jerks off to chambermaids when they come in to clean the room.

I am not saying that all Domincans are chambermaids, but those in the Domincan probably were before COVID killed the tourism business.

She’s from Orange is the new black…she’s got cankles…this is the opposite of sexy…it’s when a fat girl imitates a hot girl…and you still have to fuck her cuz you’ve gone to far level of zero sexy..

ALl this to say, Pants off on a Zoom Meeting, as if you have meetings, GOOD ONE.

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