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Dora Madison Burge Enjoys Skinny Dipping and Teasing

Dora Madison Burge’s naked picture from Instagram (February 2019). After enjoying some skinny dipping, the actress emerges from the pool completely naked. You gotta love how big of a cocktease she is!

Dora Madison Burge Pregnant and Naked of the Day

Dora Madison Burge Nude Pregnant

No one gives a fuck about this Dora Madison Burge girl….

But she still manages to squeeze some media coverage because she was on a few big TV shows and is technically a “working actress”…even if she’s best known by people like me who don’t watch her shit TV show as a girl who consistently gets naked on social media. I assume it gets her the hits, views and attention she probably craved. The same reason she’s an actor in the first place. I guess that’s why all girls get naked on the internet.

That said, she recently posted up that she was DISGUSTED BY MEN and today she revealed that she’s got disgusting jizz from men up inside her, at least long enough to knock her up and give her what seems to be everyone’s favorite STD.

I guess she’s not into sucking dick and swallowing, not at her age, which I think is 40 something….and time to get pregnant for fear of menopause, because women expire while men keep on going. Just ask that Formula 1 Billionaire who just had a kid at 90.

Pregnancy pics disgust me, I guess I don’t have a breeder fetish and think our overpopulated world doesn’t need your fucking bullshit to suck off our resources like it was your tit. You narcissistic fuck wanting your genetics to continue..get the fuck out of here with that…unfortunately too late for an abortion based on her size, but maybe COVID will regulate this for the benefit of the planet.

Stop breeding you selfish assholes.


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Dora Madison Burge is Disgusting of the Day

Dora Madison Burge Nude

I guess Dora Madison Burge is showing off her pregnancy bump, because girl needs to take loads, as she’s basically a reddit amateur who posts up her fuck videos, only a working actor on the side…

Unless she’s just showing off how well fed she is because being a working actress means she has money, despite what her third world looking crack den of an apartment is telling us….full fridge for this bitch…or maybe she’s just distended like a starving african baby during the famine….but I like the whole knocked up, whether it’s from cream pie cumshots from random dudes her pervert ass lets inside her…or from getting her dildos she uses on her CAM SHOWS lost up inside her.

Either way, she looks like shit.


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Dora Madison Burge Nude of the Day

Dora Madison Burge Nude Wet

Dora Madison Burge may be an insignificant actress, but like all actresses she loves herself enough to want to be on camera, to want to be celebrated by fans, to want to be on a podium accepting awards for her contributions to the world via her performances. It’s a level of narcissism that comes with thinking you are good enough to get into a highly competitive industry based on your looks. Vain as shit….and like most vain people, the vanity doesn’t end with getting cast on shows, or appearing on camera, or getting heavy pay checks…it permeates all aspects of their lives…including but not limited to their sex lives…they get off on themselves, and they often times want you to get off to them, to help them get off to themselves, not that they really need that…

There is no doubt in my mind that all actresses, or at least a VERY high percentage of actresses are only actresses because they love themselves, they think they are great, they think they are hot, and that others love them too.

The kind of people who masturbate in front of the mirror…

We just don’t get a taste of that, because the industry was designed as a business, and the business likes to keep a wall between you and the talent, a wall that social media is breaking, but agents everywhere for the longest time, fought to keep their talent premium and not gutter sex workers they have more in common with than the image they portray being in Hollywood.

Basically, Dora Madison Burge is doing what they all do, and that’s getting off to themselves, only she lets you get off to her too, because no agents are blocking her from clicking the “POST” button on her social media / porn site.

Dora Madison Burge Nude Wet


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Dora Madison Burge naked in the pool in the Instagram (February 2019)

“Dexter,” “Chicago Fire” and “Friday Night Lights” actress Dora Madison Burge naked in the pool in the Instagram photo below (February 2019). Check out also her social media all-in-one-video! Instagram:

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Dora Madison Nude Pool Pic And Nip Slip Yoga

Dora Madison nude

“Chicago Fire” and “Friday Night Lights” star Dora Madison poses completely naked in her pool in the photo above.

When Dora isn’t skinny dipping like a slut, she is trying her best to slip out her nude titty while doing yoga on Instagram Live in video clips like the ones above.

Dora Madison lingerie

Of course what is so remarkable about Dora’s brazen degeneracy is how little people are paying attention to it. For she was on two hit network television shows, yet she can only muster a little over four thousand followers on her Instagram.

The fact that a traditional heathen Hollywood celebrity like Dora can constantly pop out her breast and no one really notices while so-called “social media influencers” get millions of views on just the tiniest hint of an areola slip, perfectly illustrates the decline of traditional entertainment and the meteoric rise of online new media… Of which this holy Islamic website is at the vanguard.