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Dylan Penn Bikini of the Day

Dylan Penn Bikini

Here is Dylan Penn out in a bikini to celebrate to comeback of CBS Sunday Movie Night last night…because they played Forrest Gump, where her mom Jenny dupes the poor retard and manipulates his simple mind to raising her kid after she dies of aids and he becomes a millionaire. Jenny that bitch….

Or this is for Mother’s Day…where her and Jenny are on a beach acting like Jenny’s not evil…as she smokes her cigarette on the beach like it was the 60s….you can’t take Jenny out of the movie, but I guess you can’t take the ghetto abused by her dad girl from the shanty out of her….just smoking like a homeless crackhead pile of trash….

That SAID, this is about Dylan Penn….and Dylan Penn is hotter than most if not all of the celebrity rich kids, which in the event you didn’t know, is something I am fascinated with and would do a documentary on, if I wasn’t too lazy to get off the couch….because they don’t come to me for the hard hitting interviews..but I can come to them if I focus…..because my interview question would consist of “ok, show me your tits”….

I like to think that if I was a celebrity rich kid, I’d take the same approach as Dylan Penn and just ride having all the perks of celebrity without all the headaches of being a celebrity.

These celeb kids who try to be actors like their parents are lame….sure it’s the obvious thing to do, but I think sitting at the Hawaii beach front house is more interesting.

The trying to be something or do something beyond charity work when you have the trust fund, the houses, food in the fridge is just dumb, just a real waste of time.Careers and working a job is for peasants…her parents didn’t become famous to have a peasant laborer as a kid…they did it so that their daughter can do what she wants….like spending the day in a bikini for us to stare at her big tits, is a great use of her time.

Dylan Penn Bikini
Dylan Penn Bikini
Dylan Penn Bikini

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