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Elena Satine Nude Sex Scenes From “Magic City”

The video above features all of “Revenge” and “The Gifted” star Elena Satine’s nude and sex scenes from the Starz series “Magic City”.

Elena Satine better be careful with those titties of her’s or she is going to put someone’s eye. The safe and socially conscious thing to do would be to holster those bad boys behind a stiff wool burka, but since Elena is a brazen whore we won’t hold our breath waiting for that to happen.

That is why in the interest of public safety us pious Muslims are calling upon government officials to take a scimitar to Elena’s sinfully pointy chest sacks… Or at the very least file them down some with a stone grinder. Of course the simplest and most effective solution would be to simply stone Elena for her numerous crimes against morality, but in the current #MeToo political climate in which sluts are being lauded as heroes that just isn’t likely to happen… Unfortunately.