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Elizabeth Banks Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Banks Bikini

Elizabeth Banks posted a bikini pic or a series of bikini pics that no one asked for, but I guess she’s made 100s of millions of dollars thanks to her Pitch Perfect hit that was a HUGE fucking hit and that basically turned her from shitty actress no one gave a fuck about to some sort of visionary in the industry that everyone wanted a part of….something that obviously boosts the self esteem and ego of someone who already had enough of an ego to go to Hollywood…success is just that recipe for making people assholes…and her bikini pic would be better if it included some asshole…the old face, old tits, old body would be better if it showcased the weathering that happens to the asshole after all the shit’s she’s had…you see what people don’t think about when it comes to old ladies is the number of shits they’ve taken in their lives…dramatically more than a 20 year old…and that kind of experience isn’t hot…and either is Liz Banks!

Elizabeth Banks Bikini


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Elizabeth Banks Nude Tits And Ass

Elizabeth Banks nude

As you can see in the photo above and compilation video below, Elizabeth Banks certainly seems to enjoy nothing more than flaunting her nude tits and ass.

After seeing what a blasphemously brazen whore Elizabeth Banks is, it comes as no surprise to learn that she has leveraged her lasciviousness into becoming one of the most powerful women in heathen Hollywood.

Elizabeth Banks nude

Yes, Elizabeth Banks not only acts, but she now also produces and directs most of the films that she appears in… Including the new blockbuster reboot of the “Charlie’s Angels” franchise.

Elizabeth Banks nip slip

Speaking of which, Elizabeth was up to her old tricks at the “Charlie’s Angels” premiere, slipping out her crusty dilapidated nipple in the photos above.

Granted Elizabeth does look good for 65, but if she doesn’t want to piss off us pious Muslims too much and make it to her 75th birthday next year then she better start acting her age… Which is 90.