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Elle Fanning Getting Fucked of the Day

Elle Fanning Sex Scene

I don’t find Elle Fanning hot, but I do wonder if she has blonde pubic hair…or is it all lies…but I always wonder if blonde girls have blonde pubic hair ever since I discovered that some blondes had blonde pubic hair….it was the 90s…and Brian De Palma’s dressed to kill had a shower scene…and in that shower scene some bitch with a huge blonde bush had her huge blonde bush and I thought “awesome”….

Anyway, she’s in a new series, or a new movie, or something that’s getting some hype as these bigger budget actual Hollywood shows do…that whole marketing thing to get that money back in…pretty useless in the grand scheme of things but it got Elle Fanning naked so she can pretend she’s this deep and amazing talent..when talent doesn’t exist bro…it’s all nonsense, luck and some parents who know how to pimp their kids…

Elle Fanning Sex Scene

Elle Fanning Sex Scene

Elle Fanning Sex Scene

Elle Fanning Sex Scene

Elle Fanning Sex Scene

Elle Fanning Sex Scene


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Elle Fanning Mask Fail of the Day

I don’t find Elle Fanning hot, so I do think the mask makes her look better. I am a brown paper bag kind of guy who once the face is edited out I can stare at what matters, the titties…

So I appreciate her in her brown paper bagging herself, plus with the whole virus, it just seems like a logical thing to do, so for the virus fetishists, the Personal Protective Equipment perverts, or the germaphobes….this is porn to you….

While I think it’s more of a shaming situation, that should be spent laughing at her fro not wearing her mask proper…the mucus membranes in your fucking nose should be covered up….so why fucking bother even wearing a mask….this is like saying you are wearing a condom, when you’ve just got the condom base around your balls….

So let’s mask shame her together….that’s the new kind of shaming that will have support groups on Facebook crying about how evil men are belittling women who don’t mask properly like the bullies the patriarchy are…oand Faning is your leader.

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Elle Fanning Nude Sex Deleted Scene From “A Rainy Day in New York”

Elle Fanning sexy

The video below features Elle Fanning stripping down to her bra and panties while starring in the new Woody Allen film “A Rainy Day In New York”.

Of course it wouldn’t be much of a Woody Allen film without there being a nude sex scene featuring Elle getting her sin hole stretched by her character’s older adopted father… And that is just what appears to be happening in the video below.

Say what you will about Woody Allen being a degenerate Zionist little dweeb, but the man knows how to tell an erotic story. For us virile Muslim men can attest that there is no better way to pass the time on a rainy day then to bang all of the females in one’s household.

Elle Fanning Brazen Bikini Boat Romp

Elle Fanning bikini sexy

Actress Elle Fanning sticks out her tongue and seductively shakes her itty bitty titties while in a bikini on a boat in the brazen video clip below.

What is it about being out at sea that turns infidel sluts like Elle Fanning into even bigger degenerate gutter skanks? Could it be that they think that just because they are in “international waters” Sharia law does not apply to them?

Elle Fanning bikini sexy

Well if that is the case then us pious Muslims have got news for them, as Sharia law covers every jurisdiction and supersedes every other law code. And even though there may be no stones out in the middle of the ocean, there is still plenty of seaweed that can be fashioned into a whip and used to viciously flog a floozy for her nasty nautical impropriety.

Elle Fanning Nip Slip In “Galveston”

Elle Fanning nip slip

Elle Fanning slips out a bit of her nipple in the video clip below from her new film “Galveston”.

It is too bad that Elle ruined what could have been an immensely erotic scene of her sobbing by flashing her sinful tit topper like this. Luckily this movie redeems itself with an extremely halal ending in which Elle gets her just deserts… Not to give too much away lets just say it rhymes with “hang taped to breath”.

Of course it should come as no surprise to see Elle slipping a nipple into “Galveston”, for as you can see in the video above she is constantly putting them (or her tight little ass) on display. Thankfully when Islam finishes conquering the West, us virile Muslims will have no problem reenacting Elle’s fitting demise in this movie.