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Elsa Pataky on a Bikini on the Beach of the Day

Elsa Pataky lives in Australia with her Hemsworth because when you’re famous in America you might as well take that American made money and put it into another Country’s economy because it is where the Hemsworths are from I guess…

She’s out on the beach, because why not go to the beach when the world is on quarantine, especially when the paparazzi is lingering because they are either homeless and equipped with cameras or just disrespecting the rules, as they do, to get that pic they sell to TMZ.

Either way, it is showing off, it is obnoxious, it is disrespectful for what is going on in the world, but when you’re rich and famous, you don’t get disrupted, you make the rules.

She old, in a bikini, rocking that mom body the way you like it, this is really not my vibe at all, Keep moms at the grocery store, get moms off our beaches….


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